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  1. Steve!

    RS6 4A## - RS6 - Tunbridge Wells

    Spotted this afternoon, parked down a side road.
  2. Steve!

    DTUK Box - S3 8V

    So who's got one? Has anyone had their car on the rolling road (before or after) Anyone had any problems?
  3. Steve!

    TTS 310PS

    Was looking at adverts of new TTS' and noticed they have slightly more power than the S3 / Golf R.. How come? Was there a reason?
  4. Steve!

    Sticky Pad Removal

    So I removed a Quattro badge off the rear of my car earlier and it has left the sticky pad which isn't just rubbing off with my fingers.. Anyone recommend what to use?
  5. Steve!

    '14 S3 8V Project

    Just creating the thread! Will update in a while with pictures ect!
  6. Steve!

    PH South East Gathering - Sunday 24th January

    Anyone going to this? I'm going with a few friends.. only 10mins or so from my house. Location: The Botley Hill Farmhouse, Limpsfield Road, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9QH...
  7. Steve!

    Coat / Shirt Hanger w/ S3 Sport Seats

    Morning All Is this possible? Or do Audi make such a thing? Guess I could hang them from the rear headrests down the back seats?
  8. Steve!

    Silver RS3 8V - Rye

    Drove past you in the opposite direction heading towards Rye.
  9. Steve!

    Christmas Present to myself!

    Hi All Been on a few car forums before with the last 6 cars within 5 years or so! '53 Renault Clio 1.2 Expression '11 Honda Civic 1.4 Type S '13 BMW 1 Series 2.0d M Sport Coupe '10 Renault Clio 200 '13 Renault Clio 200T '64 Renault Megane GT Line '14 Audi S3 Picked this up yesterday...