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  1. MartinHudson6

    Finally got one!!

    So after having a FBSW from an A3 for a while now. I’ve finally managed to source an airbag that dual stage and the correct fittment into the steering wheel. Littlw look on ebay this morning while rain halted washing the car. Quick 30 min roadtrip and its fitted. So much chunkier than standard...
  2. MartinHudson6

    Wanted Swaps single stage for dual stage airbag for a fbsw

    Hi all ive gt a single stag airbag from a fbsw from an a3 which is no good to me as i need a dual stage for my a6. Looking to swap if someones managed to hide one away for a while or ended up with one no good to them
  3. MartinHudson6

    Headlights on all time

    So ive had car in garage during lockdown for about 3 weeks while gave the mrs’ fabia a blast. Been back in mine this week and noticed the headlights staying on constantly. I always leave them on auto function but now moving the headlight switch nothing changes. Can be on “O” “Auto” sidelight or...
  4. MartinHudson6

    For Sale Swaps single stage FBSW airbag

    Looking to swap my single stage for a dual stage airbag to fit a FBSW. This originally came off and A3 and looking to fit to an A6! so if anyones bought on and looking to swap! Can travel for right deal. Located sheffield
  5. MartinHudson6


    So i managed to get my hands on a fbsw. Decent condition but thinking of maybe getting it retrimmed. Possibly anyway. I was told its from an A3 and single stage airbag. And that the a6 is dual. Can anyone shed light on this?
  6. MartinHudson6

    Heated seats

    I could have chance of a pair of front heated seats and dash control from a scrapyard. Is it a case of just turning on option on vcds or do i need a module too? Also while at it is is a do-able upgrade to change controls from twist knobs to digital?
  7. MartinHudson6

    Heads up RS6 style grille

    Ever since fitted my RS6 style grille i regretted being able to see the crash bar behind being grey still. Well yesterday that changed. A quick key and a flick of satin black looks a lot better imo! Just a bit of a heads up for anyone fitting a grille to save you having to pull bumper back off...
  8. MartinHudson6

    Flat bottomed

    Has anyone fitted a flat bottomed steering wheel from an a5/7 ive seen a few online in breakers and not too expensive and looks a nice edition. Im assuming just plug and play. Seen an a5 one with “veiw” as a button on the left side button on wheel.
  9. MartinHudson6

    Bit of a wash

    bit of a mini valet because my snowfoamers managered to break Pics of carbon mirror covers and rs6 style grille fitted. Needs to come back off for a bit of adjustment at bottom fixings and going to black out the crash panel.
  10. MartinHudson6

    Center dash speaker

    ive noticed more and more rattles around my c7 over past couple of weeks. Ive already stripped both passenger doors and nipped up all screws and seems to have cured them. Now yesterday i was listening to some music with very little bass and the distortion and rattle from i think was center dash...
  11. MartinHudson6

    Tuning box

    Been looking at a tuning box for my 2.0 tdi. Anyone used one? Good stories\horror stories? Any experience appreciated.
  12. MartinHudson6

    New plate choices

    So ive just got my C7 A6 after upgrading from a B7 A4. The car is really impressing me so im glad ive made the change. Ive just debadged bootlid and played about with number plate sizes while i await my logbook to put private reg on. Anyway whats peoples opinion on small plates but still legal...
  13. MartinHudson6


    hi all. So after fitting eibach springs to my sline shocks i was happy with stance. Ive since bottomed out getting onto a driveway. Im not exploring idea of going coilies. What have people got amd recommend? Ive had ap before from vemon motorsport and previously had spax setups. Thanks for input!!