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  1. george forbes


    watch out for this one
  2. george forbes

    2022 S3

    quite interesting to see how this thing squats and digs in when it gets launched in the snow veiwed from behind , 1min 50 on vid
  3. george forbes

    heater fault code

    been having problems over the past few months with lack of heat coming through the vents , even on high it's barely lukewarm, did a scan with OBDeleven and comes up with the following , front air distribution door motor actuator jammed, B109171 ' can anyone confirm whether this is one of the...
  4. george forbes

    Spotted in Auto trader

    is there something Audi isn't telling us.
  5. george forbes

    oil leaking

    have only just noticed that I have oil sitting inside the undertray it seems to be leaking from the clamping point of a large hose about 3 inches in diameter as shown in the pics which site directly behind the radiator fans , Anybody any idea what this hose is for and should I be concerned or...
  6. george forbes

    Oil change opinions

    So my S3 8v is sitting at 45k and is telling me an oil change is needed in the next week or so, it has been serviced annually and at the last one it was a major with plugs and brake fluid and the haldex was done the year before , I cover about 8k a year and the car is mostly standard. Question...
  7. george forbes

    RS3 grill

    Has anybody had any dealings with these guys and can you confirm whether it does fit a 2015 s3 8v 3dr hatch , bit wary of some of the descriptions on Ebay as to what they fit...
  8. george forbes

    Automatic wipers

    Sorry but is it only me that get's wound up by this, when my wipers are set to automatic and I get in the car and it's ******* down and start it I have to be the one to tell it that it's raining by manually doing the first wipe. if I don't I could sit there for half an hour and it still wouldn't...
  9. george forbes

    ****** torque guns

    So just got round to getting my winter tyres off and the F1 supersports back on this means a trip to the tyre fitters as I don't have spare wheels. normally I run spacers on the car but as the winters are 235 instead of 225 I didn't have them fitted, So today decided to refit them , "Mr angry"...
  10. george forbes

    OBD eleven

    Just noticed for anyone interested that Obdeleven has just added a shed load of new one touch apps to their menu
  11. george forbes

    cracked windsceen

    Not a happy camper tonight , spent most of the afternoon cleaning the car up getting it nice and shiny including waxing the wheels which is not usual for me , went to drive up to the shops and a line appeared on my windscreen running from top to about halfway down the screen on the left side ...
  12. george forbes


    pulled from the a3,s3 8v,8y facebook page.
  13. george forbes

    automatic boot opening

    Emerald boot struts , anybody have any experience of them and how they stand up .
  14. george forbes

    LED sill scuff plates

    Quite like the idea of these but my 2015 s3 has no under door or footwell lighting fitted . wondered whether someone might know if it would be possible to wire these into something else to operate when door opens.
  15. george forbes

    Rear brake discs

    Looking to replace rear discs soon and whilst on Autodoc I see that using the code from my service book 1ky that some of the discs specifically list for vehicles with electronic parking brake and some don't is there a difference ? METZGER COATED / HIGH CARBON Brake Disc Rear Axle, Internally...
  16. george forbes

    short shifter

    anyone fitted one of these and what is the bent nail for...
  17. george forbes

    New brake pads

    Fitted new pagid brake pads front and rear to my S3 8v and have covered approx 200 miles since . as you can see from the pictures the wear is uneven on the fronts , is this normal after fitting and will they eventually bed into the contours of the disc and cover the whole braking area ?
  18. george forbes

    PR codes

    On checking PR codes on my service book to find correct brake pad fitment I found the code 3PQ which is listed as electric front seat adjustment driver. pretty sure I would have noticed by now if my seat was electrically adjustable so could this refer to the heated seats or am I missing...
  19. george forbes

    Clutch slip

    Ever since I purchased my 2015 S3 about a year ago I have occasionally suffered from clutch slip under hard acceleration in high gears . Day to day driving and quick acceleration in lower gears have never been an issue. I understand the theory behind it all and have read all the posts about...
  20. george forbes

    Good deal on tyres

    anyone considering new tyres at the moment and thinking about Goodyear eagle F1's then Costco are doing a deal till 8th march with upto £100 off 19" if you buy 4. purchasing F1 supersports for my S3 for when the winters come off at the bargain price of Eagle F1 Supersport XL - 225/40/18 Y rated...