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  1. RS03???

    RS3 Build Tracker Spreadsheet

    Spreadsheet - Tracker for new RS3 2022 models with, Variant type, member name, when order placed, delivered and Estimate build date given, For sake of anonymity blanked out the member names, will show on request. Summary 32 RS3 orders have been placed, 2 completed by end of this week. If you...
  2. RS03???

    Additional switch on the Brake Pedal to Start the RS3

    My daughter's car is going to Audi as over the last week, she has to practically have to stand on the Brake pedal to use the push button to start the car...... Seems overnight the brake loses the vacuum and the peddle is rock solid. No problem, if the car has been recently used (within a few...
  3. RS03???

    Generic RS3 snags

    Proud owner of 2020 OPF RS3. While I was waiting on the lockdown to ease to release the car from the showroom, I have been getting my fix by browsing through this forum. Have been an absolute thrill running the car in, done sedate 500 so far.. however.... I've noted the following to keep in...
  4. RS03???

    New member from TW3 - Hounslow

    Hi All, Hope to pick up my new toy in March. In the meantime, reading the threads on RS3. Test drove and placed the order. Had the pleasure of being around the Welsh forrest during the Quattro era. Have had the ownership of RR urQuattro (3Years) , now urS6 (10+ Years) . Love the 5 Cyl tune...