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  1. Marky79

    Floor mats(not RS pack)

    No no, not the RS design pack mats. The original plain velour ones. Someone haa put some quite nasty fake RS mats in my RS3 and I’d like to replace them with the factory supplies ones. I’m not sure what the part numbers or colour(grey, black, different stitching) is though. Anyone with a 2016...
  2. Marky79

    Opinions on the condition of these brakes

    I recently got back into RS ownership and found the right Spec of car. Being over 250 mile away I conversed with the salesman over phone and made my feelings clear that the car must be immaculate as viewing wasnt an option, and would require delivering. True to his word the car arrived and is in...
  3. Marky79

    Found Looking for a Cete active valve controller

    Recently bought another RS3(PFL) after a short stint in an X5(don’t ask) one of the best mods I did to my last RS3 was a AVC. So is anyone selling one? looking for the AVC as I like the integration via the dash buttons. i know people have said it throws up fault codes, but I didn’t have this...
  4. Marky79

    For Sale RS3 Stuff, CETE, Puddle lights, K&N

    Well it seems in moving my RS on imminently and I have a few nice goodies that I’ve taken back off. All very low mileage. 1) Cete valve controller for an RS3. We all know what these do and how the change the way the car sings! £280TYD 2) a pair of genuine Audi sport puddle lights. A really...
  5. Marky79

    Leaky RS3 transfer box...... again.

    Back in june I bought an RS3 from a main dealer in the NW region. I had nothing but bother with the Hand over and dealership, but the car was the perfect spec and literally the only one I’d seen in 6 months of looking. 4 weeks pass and the car was sent back into a local Audi dealership near me...
  6. Marky79

    Found Be aware!! User Smith007 SCAM!

    Just a warning if this guy is contacting you, Smith007 He is sending emails for WTB threads, asking you to email some tyrell guy away from the site. BEWARE.
  7. Marky79

    Wanted CETE, ASR, BULL-X for a PFL RS3.

    I’ll leave this up for a week or so. I’m in the market for one of the above exhaust valve controllers. So if anyone is mapping their car, or trading their car in give me a shout.
  8. Marky79

    Eco not working on AC

    Just picked my rs3 up at the weekend and only just discovered that the eco mode on the aircon isn’t working. Strange one, anyone got any ideas? It’s a bit far to be heading 4hrs back down the county.
  9. Marky79

    Wanted WTD: OBDELEVEN next generation

    Long shot I know, but if anyone is moving away from the marquee then maybe you like to get shot of your OBD device. I’m specifically looking for the next gen version to work with IOS. I already have an account from previous so don’t need that. Thanks
  10. Marky79

    Previous owner of M** EWS

    I’m looking for the previous owner of a sepang blue RS3 PFL, reg: M** EWS car was sourced from Norwich Audi I think, as service records indicate that’s where it’s lived it’s life. anyone familiar with it?
  11. Marky79

    For Sale 8v cupholder retrofit kit, and semi dynamic adaptors

    As title I have a brand new 8v cup holder light retrofit kit, incorporates light, plug, and 12” of wire. £30 posted. semi dynamic rear indicator adaptors. £25 happy to upload pics if needed.
  12. Marky79

    Rs3 questions.

    Evening all. I've recently put a deposit down on an 2016 Nardo RS3, but have a few questions!if anyone has a minute. auto dimming mirror, does the PFL come with that horrible plastic oval shaped one that looks like it’s out of a ford KA? LED headlights, on the spec sheet it says adaptive...
  13. Marky79

    For Sale S3 8v performance parts

    I’m trading the car in so have decided to stripe the good stuff off as the dealers not interested. All parts are 5/6 months old and would have covered about 2500 mile. Car is a 3dr 2014 S3 8v. I will also be listing a Milltek cat back non res, with flaps and black cerakote oval tips, please not...
  14. Marky79

    Anyone about to pull build data from VIN?

    Seems the car info site in Kiev is no longer able to pull the cars build data from VIN. Is anyone able to do this for a car I’m looking at? muchas gracias.
  15. Marky79

    Sold Milltek oval exhaust tips x4

    I have for sale 4x Milltek cerakote oval exhaust tips. Condition is used as per the pictures. They’ve not been cleaned up as I’m away from home atm, so that’s the best the mrs could do :-( These will fit an exhaust of 2.75 inch diameter, so should fit the original exhaust. RRP on these is a...
  16. Marky79

    DTUK TCU & Gearbox Flash

    So I’ve been looking into these plug in units that DTUK sell. I live in a black hole for tuning so getting to an actual establishment is going to be a mission. I recently bought one of @Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. units to tune the car and it’s been brilliant. Now I’d like to have the S-tronic...
  17. Marky79

    Wanted obdeleven dongle.

    Anyone got an old dongle they want to get rid of? I've an account already from a previous, so just need the dongle.
  18. Marky79

    In a bit of a pickle, auto dimming mirror retrofit.

    I’m 80% of the way through the process of installing the mirror and wiring. I’m struggling to understand where the ignition wire goes according to the Kufatec instructions. Can anyone chime in that’s done it? also can’t find the Earth point at the A pillar. distance from earth to kronos
  19. Marky79

    Strange revs bouncing

    My s3 S-tronic has started bouncing the revs up when slowing to a stop. This usually happens about 3rd down to 2nd when you’re approaching a give way. The revs will start rising to about 12/1300rpm then settle very slowly. This is also impeding on crawling as you can feel the grearbox wanting to...
  20. Marky79

    Audi sun protection system.

    Anyone using the sun protection system(sun blinds) from Audi? I’m looking for something to keep the sun out the back while the dogs travelling. They look a tad pricey for some shades. Can anyone with them tell me what fitting is like? Are they sturdy? Seen the A6 version with the tints, these...