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    MMI update revision notes

    I've never seen anything like this but would anyone happen to know if there's a list of mmi revisions out there in the wild somewhere that includes a list of any feature additions/bugfixes? Just interested to know whether there's an ultimate refined recommended revision everyone should be...
  2. Syncros

    Auto wipers (rain sensitive) not working

    I'm struggling to find any information or similar experiences to this anywhere. I have a pfl S3 8V Sportback, since having it the rain sensitive auto wipers haven't worked, I can disable the 'rain sensitive' function from within the mmi which swaps them over to basic intermittent (which works...
  3. Syncros

    Replacing broken floor mat fixing/clip (5dr - 8P3)

    Apologies if this has been done, searching hasn't revealed the answer.. Hoping someone can help! One of my two push clips (that secure the mats in place) is broken in my rear passenger footwell (offside), the one closest to the door. I've got a new set to replace it with but I'm not sure how...