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  1. Jord_C

    2011 MMI/Nav update advice please

    Thats great, and a great price too - Is he a member on here? Or did you contact him on facebook?
  2. Jord_C

    wheels wheels wheels

    Eh looks great! :-D
  3. Jord_C

    wheels wheels wheels

    Look spot on, a vast improvement! Tyre sizes look spot on to be fair. Front end looks great too. Where abouts did you source your grill?
  4. Jord_C

    Anyone had their headlights tinted?

    I too gave it a go but was hard to find decent quality film about that didnt make the headlight look a murky brown. The A7 in the video has full LED headlights so less reflectors and silver in the headlight housing itself, so looks alot darker from factory. No tinting has taken place.
  5. Jord_C

    For Sale A6/A7 C7 BiTDi Kufatec K&N Pedal Box OBDELEVEN Rubber Mats etc

    Its alright, I can imagine it will be a fair bit as they are rather heavy! If I end up doing NC500 again this year ill drop you a message and if its still available ill come collect haha.
  6. Jord_C

    For Sale A6/A7 C7 BiTDi Kufatec K&N Pedal Box OBDELEVEN Rubber Mats etc

    Sorry, couldn’t see it on my phone if it was! A bit of a way to travel I’m afraid, really after a genuine boot mat and rubber rears! Gutted.
  7. Jord_C

    RS7 grill options

    Have you had any luck?! I’d advise everyone reading this to simply go elsewhere if you’re considering buying from them, tried to contact them about my order to no avail, emails, phone calls, nothing. Disputed through Paypal, and Autohauz sent a refund in a few hours... strange. To make things...
  8. Jord_C

    Wanted Audi RS7 Front Grill

    WANTED: Audi RS7 Honeycomb Front Grill - Genuine/Non Genuine I’m after the full mesh grill without the lower ‘Quattro Grill’ PM me!
  9. Jord_C

    RS7 grill options

    Ill see how this week goes then. Luckily I’ve paid through paypal on their website so I’ll have some fallback. I hope you get sorted soon enough!
  10. Jord_C

    RS7 grill options

    Has your replacement arrived yet? Still waiting for mine to turn up!
  11. Jord_C

    RS7 grill options

    Looks spot on! Just bought a non facelift one off them, so fingers crossed it looks as smart! :-D
  12. Jord_C

    RS7 grill options

    Intrigued! Keep us posted when it arrives!
  13. Jord_C

    S7 400mm Brakes fitted to a A7 BiTDI

    I too have done the 400mm upgrade and I'm very impressed! Great choice of colour, looks great! Looks like you got a good discount on the discs too, they can be uber pricey!
  14. Jord_C

    RMC Firmware Update

    Gents, Anyone on here that can provide firmware updates for RMC MMI's? After getting my 2011 Audi A7 updated, and hopefully after that a map update also. MMI Software version is '?' currently. So I'm guessing its the earliest version. Thanks in advance.
  15. Jord_C

    DAB Radio Station Loss

    Thats good to know! thanks! Now just to find someone local with vcds to give it a go!
  16. Jord_C

    DAB Radio Station Loss

    Cheers Gents, Just annoying, I've had the car 5 years now and never had any issues - just thought it was strange how all the DAB+ channels had been lost. I was under the impression both antennas were in the sharkfin - so thats interesting to know. I guess I'll just have to put up with half the...
  17. Jord_C

    DAB Radio Station Loss

    Gents, Nearly a year ago now, one morning I just lost multiple DAB radio stations in my car. I've scanned for new channels and its not re-found them - no matter where in the county I am, the signal strength locally hasn't changed, as my other Audi hasn't lost the stations! I'm wondering is...
  18. Jord_C

    S7 Brake Upgrade!

    Well the brakes are on and are such a difference!
  19. Jord_C

    S6 wheel sizing

    Not necessarily, the rims wouldnt fit over the brakes, 19" minimum.