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  1. MURRAYS444

    Audi RS3 in Edinburgh

    Gave way to an Audi RS3 at the top of Lauriston farm road in Edinburgh today the RS3 was purple nice car second RS3 I have seen on the roads in Scotland
  2. MURRAYS444

    Headunit help

    Hi I put an aftermarket headunit in my car and the rear speakers are not working I bought the a autoleads connecter and still nothing from the rear speakers. The car in question is an audi s4 b5 saloon 2000 plate. Here is a few pictures of the wiring I have all the connectors plugged in...
  3. MURRAYS444

    S4 trottle body silicon hose problems

    my car went in to limp mode and the abs and esp lights came on checked under the bonnet yesterday removed the engine covers to find that the silicone hose for the throttle body has come off I tried to put it back on but couldn't as there is hardly any room to put it back on as it hardly fits...
  4. MURRAYS444

    fitted 5mm spacers was it a good idea???

    I fitted some spacers to the rear wheels today as they sit very close to the vast amount of suspension and I was worrying about the wheels rubbing as I am running 18" RSTT wheels with tyres that are 235 40 18 I never got any extending bolts with the spacers should I order them?
  5. MURRAYS444

    Temperature not hitting 90

    I’m experiencing some issues with my cars temperature when driving it doesn’t hit 90 and I’m now thinking that my thermostat is stuck open not allowing my car to hit 90 I left my car running to see if the car would hit 90 stationary and it does and sits at 90 and when driving it falls down...
  6. MURRAYS444

    RS3 spotted

    overtook an Audi RS3 on the M9 today just wondered if it was anyone on here?
  7. MURRAYS444

    changing gear issues

    Hi, Today my car has started to struggle to engage first and second gear the rest of the gears are fine would I be needing a new clutch/gearbox the car is a 2000 S4 B5
  8. MURRAYS444

    New S4 owner with some headunit questions

    Hi I have recently purchased an audi s4 b5 facelift and was wanting some information on what is needed to change the stanard headunit I don't think the car has bose so I should just be plug and play? here is a picture of the headunit on the car just now also I have a CD changer in the boot
  9. MURRAYS444

    Can someone help tell me if this noise is good or bad video attached

    Hi had a funny noise when I press the accelerator in my car I have the badger 5 TIP and the jetex cone filter my car is a 2003 S3 8l bam engine hope the video helps the car feels fine under boost if thats any help 007-5_zpsb8241b98.mp4 Video by scottm4 | Photobucket
  10. MURRAYS444

    Xenon headlight level sensor

    Hi I replaced my rear tie bars for adjustable ones last year but never attached the Xenon headlight level sensor just wondering if it will effect my car when it comes to MOT time and should I need to have it fitted on to the new tie bar?
  11. MURRAYS444

    Supersprint exhaust my thoughts

    Just wanted to say that I'am very happy with it had it on my car for a few months and wanted to tell people on here what its like I got the cat back exhaust and is resonated so its loud when you put the foot down but really quiet when driving sensibly also it pops sometime when changing gear at...
  12. MURRAYS444

    Car is all sorted

    Got my car back and its FIXED :yahoo: Had a few problems with my car the first one was the speed signal sensor had that replaced and I was told by the garage that one of the hoses for the turbo had a split in it causing a boost leak also I posted on Tuesday about something rubbing thought it...
  13. MURRAYS444

    Need help

    Ok bear with me guys as I may have a few problems with my car and need some advice on how to fix them I had my car lowered on eibach pro springs with standard shocks and all was ok, I then had a supersprint cat back exhaust fitted it took a bit of bodging but now fits in to place I then broke...
  14. MURRAYS444

    Limp mode and Speed signal sensor!

    Hi had my car scanned and had speed signal sensor come up and then had the fault code cleared and my car was running fine now after driving the same code keeps coming up and my car will go into limp mode + the engine management light being on will the speed signal sensor be the cause???
  15. MURRAYS444

    Missing my car

    Today I took my car to get the front end re-sprayed and also the back bumper, was told to pick my car up at the end of the week i'm starting to miss it already anybody else fell the same way when they can't see or use their car?
  16. MURRAYS444

    Engine seems really Hot

    I took the car out for a 4 mile drive and the engine is really hot on the inlet manifold and the rocker cover especially I didn't really drive the car hard just wondering if that was normal the temp gauge went to 90 ok!
  17. MURRAYS444

    Help with Engine management light with picture

    Would this being broken cause my engine management light to come on I know its a long shot but it looks like there is a sensor it is to be attached to
  18. MURRAYS444

    Bought a supersprint exhaust now my car needs mapped???

    Hi all, I bought a supersprint cat back exhaust and went to get it fitted yesterday, I got a call from the garage saying there was no place to put the lambada sensor and would need the car mapped to stage two and have a fuel pressure gauge or something along those lines fitted too can anybody...
  19. MURRAYS444

    Car struggling on start up!

    When I start the car up it struggles to turn over as if there is a loss of power, Last month I discovered that the battery was unsecured from the retaining clip and after driving over some really bumpy countryside roads I was getting the battery shaped light flashing I then secured the...
  20. MURRAYS444

    Jetex Exhaust

    Was thinking of getting one as I have been really impressed with how good their filters are, just wondering if anybody on here has any experience of Jetex exhausts Oh im looking at a CAT back system :icon_thumright: