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    MK1 TT FWD - Mid Pipe

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if the common "mk4 tdi" midpipe mod that works on the Golf and A3 1.8T models can also be used on the TT? The TT appears to have a similar piece of exhaust, but i'm unsure if its shorter or shaped differently to the A3/Golf version? Thanks
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    Memory Seats Retrofit

    Hey guys, My folks have just bought a '07 A4 B7 2.0T as a replacement for their written off B6 S4. The S4 had electric memory seats, and they would like to swap these into the B7 which currently just has the normal manual seats. Does anyone know how easy this is? Any good guides kicking...
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    B6 RNS-E Bluetooth

    My folks have just bought a B6 S4, which is equipped with an RNS-E. They would like bluetooth functionality. There is currently some sort of phone cradle device mounted to the centre console, i need to investigate what that is. I understand i need a harness, a bluetooth module/antenna and a...
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    Q5 Brake Systems

    Audi have always been somewhat awkward about providing information on what brake systems are fitted to certain models. They specify brake systems by code, rather than engine size etc. When your familiar enough with a model, you learn that certain engine combinations come with brake system x or...
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    S3 Airbox anyone?

    I'm fitting an S3 MAF into my 1.8T A4's airbox, which requires me to enlarge the hole and other messing about. I've got the MAF, but i'm trying to see the velocity stack arrangement that the S3 uses, It should be attached to the airbox lid. The A4's velocity stack is obviously too small, and...
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    Can any S4 Owners do me a favour?

    I'm looking for the weights off the VIN plate of a B7 S4 (preferably Avant), i'm hoping a B7 S4 owner can go pop the bonnet and have a look for me and tell me what it says. The plate from my B5 looks like this: As you...
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    Can any S4 Owners do me a favour?

    I'm looking for the weights off the VIN plate of a B6 S4 (preferably Avant), i'm hoping a B6 S4 owner can go pop the bonnet and have a look for me and tell me what it says. The plate from my B5 looks like this: As you...
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    B6 Wheels, what are they from?

    Just picked up some B6 17" wheels for my track car, and i'm intrigued as to what models they are from. The seller said they were "B6 Sport" but from what i can see, most B6 Sports had the 5 spoke wheels, whereas these are 6 spoke and sorta similar to the Avus wheels but without the detail at...
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    Sub-Wellycooler Custom Front Mount Intercooler Install on B5 A4

    I fitted my intercooler ages ago, but i've had the front off the car to rejig some of the pipework, so i thaught it would be a good time to document the fitment, and show you what you need to fit this cooler. Ebay is awash with intercoolers, the 8L guys all love the "Wellycooler", a nickname...
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    My Fleet, Updates and things.

    Thaught i'd put together a thread of stuff i'm doing to my cars. It appears i'm quite bad for not properly updating things, so one thread i can jam all the crap in will work. Todays update is about refreshing the front of the Avant, and ofcourse everything going wrong. The avants been somewhat...
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    Spotted: Silver TQS with dark wheels, Edinburgh City Bypass

    Anyone on here? Was a tidy standard looking TQS with Anthracite boleros. Private number plate was P200 something or other.
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    Bought a new car!

    Been thinking about it for a while, niggling away, and eventually decided to just do it! It needs a few minor niggles sorting out, the thermostats are broken (common issue) which causes the engine to run cool and stops the DPF regenerating. Also the Glow Plugs have failed, so i'll give it...
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    Track Day!

    Finally managed to get the Track car along to a track day and put some laps in! Spent the last two weeks finishing lots of little bits off, the bonnet needed finished off and installed after the misshap from last time. Front brakes werent very good last time, so i pulled them off and stuck them...
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    Anyone NOT camping?

    We booked into the Wootton Premier Inn as I dont do tents. Just wondering if anyone else happened to be doing the same?
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    Engine running problems. Stumped!

    So this is an A4, but for the purposes of this section treat it like an AGU A3. It has a factory 180hp tune, and everything is stock bar an exhaust. Over the last few weeks, i noticed the car was running a little odd, but i put it down to warmer weather and just ignored. Just felt a bit down...
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    Washing the car properly, but quickly.

    So i've been around long enough to recognise that going out and attacking the car with a sponge is a big no-no. I've got the wash mitt, the two buckets, the snow foam lance etc etc. What i dont have is the time to spend 3 hours every time the car needs a wash using all the kit and taking ***...
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    Mystery running issue...

    So i've been working on the track car as per the other thread. On thursday i picked up a MAF for the track car from the scrappy. The bloke said if it was faulty i could return it within 7 days, so i thaught i'd best test it out. I connected it to shed and went out for a drive. Everything...
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    Track car Build Thread

    I thaught i'd make a thread about the track car. Not sure why i've never made one on here before. I started this think about 3 years ago, documented it over on SRS: :: PPC �999 Challenge Build Its come along somewhat since the last update, mostly undocumented, engine and box is...
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    Anyone got a PFL A4 1.8 or 1.8T with aircon?

    I'm trying to find out if PFL A4's have the same rad-fan switch in the lower radiator hose as facelift models. FL cars with aircon have a 4pin switch which controls the radiator fan, but ETKA seems to suggest that PFL cars didnt have this. Anyone got a PFL A4 1.8 or 1.8T with AC that can have...
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    Some odds and ends needed for my track car

    Had a look over it tonight and i'm needing some bits. Has anyone got a standard 1.8T intercooler bracket knocking around? Also needing a stock airbox lid, again for 1.8T. Boost crossover pipe? I'll probably nip along to the scrappy at the weekend if no-one has anything knocking around...