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  1. S3 Nattie

    Really annoying Squeaking noise

    Hi guys, my cars has got a really loud constant squeaking noise coming from the N/S/F wheel. There is also a slight rattle/grating noise coming from that side too. So far ive replaced the wheel bearing, took the piston out and cleaned it up etc, cleaned all the sliders and calipers, re...
  2. S3 Nattie

    Performance times

    Ok, so I was thinking about trying to do some performance time to get a idea of what my car could do and to be able to repeat the tests when I put a performance mod on my car to see if it made any different to my times. Its all good seeing mods add X amount of power/torque on the dyno but how...
  3. S3 Nattie

    What's up with my car

    Hi guys, got a weird problem with my car and not sure what's up with it. Was out last night and I happened to brake pretty hardish then all of a sudden all my dials and lights in the car turned off then the speedo and rev counter works when they wants and started flickering on and off randomly...
  4. S3 Nattie

    Is this a good price

    I have been shopping around for a service for my car plus cambelt. The cheapest I have found so far has been £500. That included cambelt, tensioners, water pump (metal), haldex oil, new plugs, oil + filter, pollon filter and the usual point check. This was from a VAG specialist in Cardiff...
  5. S3 Nattie

    How to change instrument cluster lights to 8P S3 style** with pics**

    Ok, I want to change my lights on my dials to the white, like the new S3 and TT. Does anyone know what bulbs I will need for them and how do you remove them. Thanks Nathan UPDATE See here for completed pictures...
  6. S3 Nattie

    Help with Vag Com data + Graphs

    Ok, well been having a play with Vag Com recently as I feel my car is not performing how it should Its seems pretty heavy on fuel and performance is a quite off. Boost gauge used to spike to about 14 psi then level of and hold about 11.5 psi (standard). Recently my gauge will not spike and...
  7. S3 Nattie

    Why is my engine cold to touch after a run?

    I have a AMK engine. I recently repaced my thermostat as my temperature gauge was up and down, which it fixed. However a few days before fitting the stat I noticed that the engine is only warm when the gauge and climate control says its 90 degrees. Before after a 20 min run I couldnt touch...
  8. S3 Nattie

    Quick question - gearbox mounts

    Im bit confued about which gearbox mount fits what. I have a AMK S3 and looking for gearbox mounts on ebay and one seller says a 1.8T a3, mk4 1.8T, S3 and TT all have the same gearbox mount but another says a s3 AMK, BAM engine gearbox mount is different. Could someone please confirm if a a3...
  9. S3 Nattie

    Breather Pipe

    Hi everyone. I need to replace my crankcase breather pipe as it is really soft and flat and I think this may be the reason why im slightly down on boost lately. I heard that you can buy silicone replacements from somewwere but cant find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get a blue...
  10. S3 Nattie

    Help choosing my private plate

    Hi everyone. Im after some help choosing a private plate for myself. My name is Nathan Howells and these are the plates I have so far. N17 TTH - Nath N8 HNS - Nathans N17 TNH - Nathan H N88 JFH - Nathan (88 for 1988 ) J.F Howells These are the best ones that are available. Thanks
  11. S3 Nattie

    Gran Turismo 5 Quickest Suzuka Lap Time

    As title says, post up your quickest lap time for Suzuka ( Full ) in a Ferrari F430.
  12. S3 Nattie

    TT V6 ARB

    Hi, just wondering if the ARB's for a TT V6 are the same as on a MK4 R32, if so what sizes are they. Thanks Nathan
  13. S3 Nattie

    Custom turbo back exhaust

    Hi guys, went to a very respectable exhaust shop by me to price up a 3 inch turbo back with de cat. Milltek want £1100 to just supply a 2.75 inch system. This place for a custom system wants £620 including everything. Few friends got a system from this place and his work does look top class...
  14. S3 Nattie

    Ipod / Mp3 Adaptors

    Just wondering where can I get a Ipod / Mp3 adaptor for my RNS-D navi. Heard you can buy ones that goes in the back of the navi and has a little lead coming from it to connect it to a Ipod / Mp3 but dont know where to get one from. Any help Thanks Nathan
  15. S3 Nattie

    Freeview for a RNS-D

    Hi guys, I have a RNS-D sat nav in my 8L S3. I only have to unit and dont know what I need in order to get freeview on the sat nav. Any help would be great Thanks Nathan
  16. S3 Nattie

    Would you buy this? (ebay TIP)

    Hi guys, just wondering would any of you buy these or already have done. They are still silicone TIP but not got the fancy name of Forge or Samco...
  17. S3 Nattie

    Best products for Nogaro S3

    Hi guys. Been getting into detailing lately and been thinking what would be the best products to use on a Nogaro S3. I been using mainly AUTOGLYM products. I been using their Car Shampoo and Super Reisn Polish for the outside and odd Tar and Glue Remover, havent used a wax yet. For the inside...
  18. S3 Nattie

    Fuel smell

    Hi everyone, recently been getting fuel smells if im stationary with the window down and from the exhaust. The car seems to be drinking fuel bit more than usual with lend me to believe the cars running rich. The temp gauge still at 90 degree, however if the air con is on it sit just below until...
  19. S3 Nattie

    RNS-D Problems

    Hi, installed a RNS-D unit into my 2001 Audi S3 but got a few little problems. The navigation system is in another country and wont let me enter in a UK address or post code. The voice say something like im not in the digitizes network. Also when I put VAG COM on the unit, it say in the coding...
  20. S3 Nattie

    Recaro seat

    Was relaxing in the car ealier today so put my seat back till it touched the back seats slighty to be able to lie back. Pushed the electric button to put the seat back upright and it moved a little then stop and hasn't worked since. All the other electrics works just not the one to put the back...