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    Ko4 real or fake

    Those are non genuine units by the look of things. My suggestion it to only buy genuine k04 units which use genuine parts. Remember when buying anything from the U.S you will be hit with vat, duty, admin fees etc
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    Nasty oil leak on my S4

    If leaking from the rocket/cam cover gaskets then oil can & will contaminate where the spark plugs locate, you will also have oil make its way onto the down the back of the heads on to manifolds, turbos etc.
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    S4 Front Suspension Arms - labour cost

    I have yet to have a customer with an s4 which has alloy uprights. I am also yet to hear of any with alloy uprights. The b5 rs4, c5 chassis, b6 & 7 all have alloy uprights.
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    Audi RS4 B5 Wheels

    The correct ET of the rs4 wheel is ET20. If the wheels you are looking at are ET43 then they are either a genuine wheel which was offered on things such as the 8l s3 etc. Or the wheel is a replica wheel. A low offset wheel sticks out. A high offset wheel side more inboard.
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    Recommend remap in Glasgow?

    Speak with rich at viper tuning or Rick at unicorn. Both these guys specialise in custom mapping and are very well know within the B5 S/RS4 scene. Feel free to drop me a pm. I have a b5 rs4 and live in glasgow so will be happy to point you in the right direction.
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    Replacement DV

    +1 I run these on my 650bhp B5 RS4 without issue.
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    Fuel Smell?

    Fuel filter? My rs4 had a similar issue, it turned out that the fuel filter was not installed correctly and was allowing a small amount of fuel to spray out.
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    Whats your real name.

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    Summer offers, Loba 400 turbos, Clutches, mapping etc

    Awesome price on the turbos :-)
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    High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade Help

    Good Advice here. In my opinion the LOBA HPFP is the best on the market.
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    What have you done today?

    Thanks! I can supply the 034 ARB & brackets as a kit or either of them separatley.
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    What have you done today?

    Decided to keep my Sportec mono 10's, so after a refurbishment i thought it would be rude not to refit them. Doing the ARB change over was the ideal time to get the Sportec's on... What do you think?
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    What have you done today?

    Removed this Off with the Old... Replaced with this for some testing - Loosely fitted with metal ARB links -
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    What have you done today?

    Finally got the chance to fit my 034 gearbox mounts and apikol carrier bushes. Next on the list is my new 034 arb and brackets, then its some rs6 egt sensors, new map and heading for the 700bhp barrier :-)
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    Which Control arm kit?

    Full bolt kit is supplied with the 034 kit. Your car should have the steel uprights so will require the larger (thicker) ball joint.
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    New turbo fitted but losing power, feels restricted like air mass flow meter fault?

    Boost Leak or limp mode. Do you have access to vag com so you can check fault codes?
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    Joey Mod

    Not seen any b5's with this scott but have seen a few with the tinted film over them. That looks cool so would imagine the "joey mod" looks cool to.
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    Rs4 suspension refurb

    A few suggestions on who might do it are, JJB Motors, Unit20, MRC.
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    Anyone here replaced one of their INNER tie rods?

    I have a couple of Inner track rods to do on the rs4 also. Just a thought. Why dont a few of us pitch in and buy the specific tool for the job? It might cost us £10-£20 each but it is much better than paying £50+ for a tool that you are likely only going to use once.