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  1. Spin140

    RS3 now gone, Hello Golf R

    I sold my RS3 to Audi a couple of weeks ahgo and whilst I'm deciding whats next I have signed up for 12 month PCP on a Golf R manual. To get the rock bottom prices I had to go with a standard 2017 model in white but this is by no means a pauper spec and I have been pleasantly surprised with...
  2. Spin140


    picked up March 1st but not been able to give it a clean until this weekend ...
  3. Spin140

    RS3 soundtrack, dynamic, Male v Female opinions.....

    Today was the first time we went out as a family in the RS as I usually travel solo. Mum, Dad (me) up front cosseted by lovely lunar ss seats and 9 year old daughter plus 5 year old son in the rear. After 'warming' up en route to the motorway in comfort mode a little devil appears on my shoulder...
  4. Spin140

    RS3 latest discounts

    Hi Just wondered what the latest purchasers are achieving discount wise, I know initially folks were not getting much but with a fair unreg cars around at Dealers it seems time for the 'no discount' strategy to be changed? My car due 1st but initial conversations have resulted in the usual...
  5. Spin140

    RS3 v TTS

    Think I'm having a wobble on my soon to arrive my this with lunar interior , dynamic and alu pack. Keep reading about amazing offers on the TTs and thinking of going down that route. I am not contracted to buy the RS3 as have excellent relationship with my dealer. Thoughts...
  6. Spin140

    S3 8v to RS3 8v insurance difference

    Hi all Fully understand all of the contributing factors to insurance quotes like area, use, age etc but was wondering what sort of hike any of you experienced over an upgrade from an S3?
  7. Spin140

    Nardo RS3 + Nav - basic spec -available now!

    Hi all, I thought this may be of interest to anyone looking to jump the que. I popped into my dealers today to check on the progress of my order and all looking good for arrival mid feb but will wait until March 1st until I take delivery. Whilst there I noticed a Nardo grey in the parking...
  8. Spin140

    The Big S3 Stage 2 + Hardware & RNSE Sale Heads Up.

    I have all the required kit for an upgrade to Stage 2+ about to enter the classifieds. Anyone who knows me will know all the kit will be in perfect condition and genuinely described, all either 9 months, 6000 miles use or brand new. Milltek Resonated turbo Back - 9 months old - Available...
  9. Spin140

    Any S3 Owners had a Honda S2000 ?

    I have no plans to sell my S3 as it ticks every single box for me but I am considering buying a Summer toy - Midlife crisis maybe ?!? I have always loved the S2000 for both it's looks but also the fact that it is a mans sport car with very few compromises. I have been offered an early...
  10. Spin140

    Perfect Conditions for a Stage 1 S3.

    I spent a little time cleaning the car today and enjoying the 10 degrees accompanied by brilliant sunshine, what a gorgeous weekend !! Anyway after taking the kids for a walk the tempertaure dropped and the air felt damp, after dropping the kids off decided to take the S3 for a 'Spin'...
  11. Spin140

    Audi 2.0T TTS Quattro Engine Cover

    I'm looking for the engine cover that sits on top of the head and around the oil filler cap, usually secured by 4 rubber grommets. I will be using it on my 2010 S3 as the original no longer fits since I now have an aftermarket air intake kit fitted. Can you confirm price and part number...
  12. Spin140

    Audi 2.0T TTS Quattro Engine Cover

    I'm looking for the engine cover that sits on top of the head and around the oil filler cap, usually secured by 4 rubber grommets. Can you confirm price and part number required please.
  13. Spin140

    Part number for TTs Engine Cover for use on S3 with Intake ?

    Been speaking to Audi parts to try and order a TTS cover for use with my ITG on the S3. He has identified 2 part numbers and not sure which one to order despite sending him a pic.. 06F103925J - £72 06J103925BF - £41 Any idea which one I need to order for use alongside my ITG ?
  14. Spin140

    NEW ITG 'Quiet' Intake for the S3

    Several members on here expressed their interest in an intake kit that would provide the performance gains but without all of the noise of the open systems, I guess in the main due to using vehicles for work/business use or purely because their other halves simply don't find having both Darth...
  15. Spin140

    Revo Stage 1 - Stattler In stalled :)

    Owned my 2010 S3 again (second time around) since Dec 1st 2011. I have been very keen to get it mapped but what with Xmas and other commitments I have struggled to get down to Revo HQ to let the Guys work their usual magic. In the meantime I have been enjoying getting to know the S3 again...
  16. Spin140

    'Cool' or what ? - Some Seasonal Pics of my S3

    Took a few shots of the S3 today on my phone whilst out and about in this gruesome weather, I have winter rubber on a set of VW Gti Monza II, couple these with quattro and the car was amazing today and totally unstoppable... To be fair I did a similar journey in the wifes BMW 320D...
  17. Spin140

    RNSE and TP Switch Off ?

    As I retro fitted my RNSE I don't have a manual, just a quick question how do you turn off the Traffic info ? On my previous head unit it had a TP button, my commute is very short with no alternatives so would prefer some un-interupted tunes time ! Thanks in advance
  18. Spin140

    OEM Plus or Minus ?

    When I had the Gti mk6 I purchased a spare set of Monza II 18" alloys and had some Hankook Ice Bears fitted in readiness for whatever the winter had to throw at me, seemed a shame not to try them on the S3 hence my question in the title. If when fitting superior branded equipment like...
  19. Spin140

    8P Bluetooth Part Number

    I'm planning on getting main man Nigel (NHN) to fit me the oem bluetooth, does anyone know the correct part number and also the corresponding VW part number ? I ask because there has been some cracking group buys over on and am wondering if the same unit is compatible with the Audi...
  20. Spin140

    TTS Engine Cover - Does it fit with ITG etc ?

    In readiness for stage 2 need to know if I can source one of these will it fit with ITG or similar in place ?