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    Rolling radius

    I am considering fitting a new set of new wheels to my rs4. The fronts are 8" wide the rears 9" wide. Will i have issues if i run 215/35/19 on the front and rear? I am happy to run a stretch on the rears in an attempt to keep the rolling radius the same.
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    Glasgow Meet

    Anyone who is based in and around glasgow who is up for a meet put your name down and i will try and sort something out that suits everyone. If all goes well i am sure we can try and make it more regular and also start a plan on getting a proper scottish meet sorted so everyone can get together...
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    PODI Boost Gauge Group Buy
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    red carbon wrapped s3

    I am down at jjb motors while johnny sorts and tweaks my rs4. He has a customers red carbon wrapped s3 in and i was woundering if it belongs to anyone on here? I will get a picture. My misses wants to buy it lol
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    B6 s4 uprights and control arms

    Does anyone know if the b6 has the alloy upright? and if it does are the control arms the same as the ones used in the b5 rs4.
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    Arial base (rubber seal)

    My rubber seal has started to perish and im looking for a replacement, where would i go for this? Other than AUDI cheers eddie
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    Low Mileage s3 for sale

    I have for sale a very well looked after low mileage Audi s3. It is on Pistonheads so here is the link. Any feedback is welcome Thanks eddie
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    Vag com

    Is there anyone in glasgow with vag com that could either let me use it or come round and use it on my car, i am selling the car and want to make sure everything is spot on for the new owner. cheers eddie
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    Would the mirrors from the s3 8P fit my s3 8L, in particular the electrical connection so they can function properly? cheers
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    stolen s3 mirrors

    My mates mirrors where stolen the other day, they are the chrome ones, im wanting to find out where he can get another set? or if anybody has a set fot sale?
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    brembo gt kit

    does anyone know where i can source this kit from? the cheaper the better. cheers eddie
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    anyone with 350bhp or more?

    I am wanting to find out what modifications have been made to achieve this power, the drivability of the car and also its reliability? Im thinking of getting my s3 to this sort of power and just wanting to find out a bit more before i start. suggestions on which parts to use and where t get...
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    Im thinking of modding

    i have decided to keep hold of my s3 and want to mod it, what ahnd where can i either get the work done and source the parts, and which are the best parts for the job? im looking for 400bhp or more. engine what do i need, what are the best parts? brakes what are the best? suspension...