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  1. Sonny Singh

    Edition 30 KO4, will it fit?

    Hi guys Im in need of some help. I have an Audi DTM with the 2.0 TFSI BUL engine and want to upgrade the turbo. I have managed to source a KO4 turbo with injectors etc but it has come out of a Golf mk5 Edition 30. I need the gurus to tell me if this will fit or not. Appriciate you help
  2. Sonny Singh

    Camber on a Quatrro

    hi guys having fitted air ride to the car, i now have the opportunity of driving low but i gdo get a bit of rubbage when i go around a bend. esspecially on the rear. question is, can i have a slight camber on all 4 wheels or do the wheels all have to be straight? thank you
  3. Sonny Singh

    Finally the Air ride is on

    Finally got the air ride on not the greatest of pics but What do you guys think?
  4. Sonny Singh

    Bluetooth keeps switching on and off

    hi guy hope you can help me. i have an iPhone 6 and ever since Friday, the Bluetooth keeps switching itself on and off. any idea on why this is happening? cheers
  5. Sonny Singh

    Eibach Pro Street Coilovers

    Hi guys. Just a feeler really. I have a set of Eibach Pro Street Coilovers and i might be changing over to air. They are on an Audi DTM and the moment. But if i was to sell them, how much would i be able to get for them. they were bought off Craig Cull a while ago. id say about a year and...
  6. Sonny Singh

    Goddamn foxes

    anyone have problems with foxes where they live? Come out to go to work this morning and I can out to footprints all over the car. And on closer inspection, the have scratched the hell out the bonnet. So all in all. Not a good start to the morning. I need some advise on how to sort the...
  7. Sonny Singh

    Clutch Time

    hi guys its that time now. its gonna be an expensive month for me. insurance is due and my clutch started slipping this morning. i have an Audi A4 DTM and love it but the clutch starting slipping this morning. What set up would you recommend.? i still need to remap the car and upgrade the...
  8. Sonny Singh

    will a 2wd milltek fit a dtm quattro

    hi guys, the title may not seem clear. basically, this milltek is fitted to a 2.0 tfsi 2wd with a dtm bumper. question is, will this fit my dtm which is a quattro thanks in advance
  9. Sonny Singh

    What colour calipers for a sprint blue DTM?

    In a bit of a dilemma here my calipers are a dull colour and are in need of sprucing up so the dilemma is what colour. RED YELLOW BLUE BLACK SILVER need your help guys