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  1. pluves1

    Guide to PCV replacement S3 2010

    Hi I did a search but, couldn't see a guide on how to replace the PCV on an Audi S3. Mine is 2010. Found a generic video on youtube which involved removing the coil packs and some other stuff. Is this the case on the S3? Thanks in advance.
  2. pluves1

    Replacing squeaky fan on S3 2010

    Can anyone tell me the following please? 1. I've identified an annoying noise which is coming from one of the fans on the front of the car. The fan is the one on the drivers side or left hand side when looking at the car from the front. Does anyone have or know the part number for the fan only...
  3. pluves1

    Audi Service Plan Offer for cars 3 to 5 years is back £299 or £399

    Just thought this would be worthwhile posting up as I wasn't aware of these until I saw details on a 'deals' website. Worth mentioning that our car is 6 on 23 September 2015 but, we plan to purchase this now as there is no age or mileage restriction. As we would normally take the vehicle to Audi...
  4. pluves1

    What colour brake calipers BMW E91 335d Touring Sapphire Black

    As per the title I need to tidy up the stock calipers on my beemer. I had thought about the BMW Motorsport brake upgrade but, apparently the stock brakes are meant to be better and BMW don't list this model as being suitable for the upgrade. So I was thinking about DIY painting the calipers and...
  5. pluves1

    Part Request S3 2009

    Hi Can you give me a price for the following delivered in the UK please? 1 x Set of front Wipers (Part No I think is V8P2 955 425 H and 426H) 1 x Rear Wiper (Part No I think is V8E9 955 425C) Also a steering wheel without airbag. From TTRS manual with silver stitching and seems to be...
  6. pluves1

    Why haven't I seen more A3 (8Vs) on the road?

    I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen one of the new A3's on the road. Sure enough no sooner had I thought that then I saw a 'grey' one whilst on my 90 mile daily commute on the A19. Any reason why I'm not seeing more? Is there any source to see what sales have been like for this...
  7. pluves1

    RNS-E Upgrade from 2009 Sat Nav disc to 2011 Sat Nav disc

    Hi Tried searching but nothing specific came up. I've just bought a 2011 Audi RNSE disc from EBAY and seems genuine enough with two discs etc etc. Inserted disc 1 one and it then went away and updated software. Took a while but a few minutes seems like ages when you're sat in the car with...
  8. pluves1

    What product to use to clean window guides?

    As per title. What product is best to use to clean the window guides which have gone green and a bit hard? Thanks in advance.
  9. pluves1

    Why isn't there an A1 section?

    As per title. Was just interested to see if anyone had ordered one or was about to order and couldn't see the relevant section - is it me?
  10. pluves1

    S3 issue when accelerating hard at high speed

    Just interested if anyone else has experienced this and if so how it was resolved. I've just replaced my Conti Sport Contact 2's all round with Conti Sport Contact 3's. The road noise went down noticeably. However, since getting these tyres fitted my S3 has developed an annoying hestitation...
  11. pluves1

    Quick question please - which tyres does Audi now put on S3 (delivery March/April)

    As per title can someone who has taken delivery of an S3 in March or April let me know what make tyres they are now coming from the factory with please? Thanks in advance.
  12. pluves1

    S3 Sportback 2010 Luggage Net

    Quick question please. Does anyone have one of these that they got as part of the storage back? Does it have a part no on? Had a quick search but, my fixing points seem different and the anchor points in the boot dont seem to fold like they do in the golf. Photos would be appreciated of the...
  13. pluves1


    Hi Having just bought an S3 the steering wheel I find a bit pants and skinny. Can you let me have a price for the TTRS Perforated leather FBMFSW please? Part no would also be useful. Manual (so no paddles) and silver stitching. Edit - can you price the RS6 wheel as well please? Looks...
  14. pluves1

    Audi Service Packs

    Thought I would email Audi customer service about lack of service packs for the S3 which I'm still waiting for. Bit peeved that when I started looking the packs were available but, when I ordered they weren't (I was taking my time!). Anyway got the following response (I've left the spelling...
  15. pluves1

    New S3 Pre Delivery Preparation

    Okay I've read numerous threads on here about not letting the dealership prep your new car. I've owned a few cars from new and until now hadn't really considered having this done. Over the years I've learnt that Supaguard isnt really worth the money and the last few new cars we've had I have...
  16. pluves1

    About to order S3 final couple of questions!

    Hi Finally got round to replacing my current car and am about to order the S3 with a few goodies. However, do I go for the Silk Nappa leather or Alcantara/Pearl leather? Car will be Sprint Blue so I am thinking just plain black. I have decided against the buckets seats unless someone thinks I'd...
  17. pluves1

    Thinking about an S3 - advice appreciated please.

    Newbie here. Had a quick look around the site and hoping an S3 owner (preferably newish) can help with some questions. 1. I seem to have gone mad on the options list. Any advice on what is essential and what isn't? From both the user and resale value. 2. I think I am going for Sprint Blue...