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  1. Schlaag

    SQ5 2017 SQ5 brake pad questions

    Hi all I think front and rear pads need changing. Is this a job any general garage can do? Fronts are simple but rears are electric.... not sure if that makes it an Audi dealer specific job? also time is of the essence so I’ve just put my reg in eurocarparts and they have fronts (brembo) and...
  2. Schlaag

    SQ5 Front bumper side grilles. Removal? Bumper off?

    Hi, is it a bumper off job to remove the bumpers front side grilles? or do they just pull off? Are there any guides to removing the front bumper on a 2018 (s)Q5? thanks
  3. Schlaag

    SQ5 2018 SQ5 front parking sensor

    Hi all. One of my front parking sensors is chipped and is throwing up errors when parking. Does anyone know the part number for one of these sensors offhand? I called audi and they want £400 plus another £50 for paint to replace it! I'll just buy the sensor and paint/fit it myself The car is...
  4. Schlaag

    Warped Coolant flange (S3 AMK)

    This is the mounting face to the side of the cylinder head. Looks warped/untrue to me and must be the cause of my water leak. There's no part number on it so i'm guessing its aftermarket. HAs anyone replaced this with a gen audi one and has the part number please? i am assuming the face should...
  5. Schlaag

    Oil breather pipe woes....

    Afternoon all (AMK S3) This breather piper where arrowed has become brittle and has snapped. (connection to cam cover and turbo inlet is fine) also where the pipe snapped, the rest of the hose down to somewhere under the inlet manifold (second pic where arrow points) is dead. Is it an inlet...
  6. Schlaag

    2001 off the road S3 value....

    Guys my grey 2001 S3 has sat on my driveway for the past 4 years. Literally get 3 people a week knock on my door asking if its for sale and have always said no due to not knowing its value. Can you guys help me price it? I really have no idea given the following.... SORN so no MOT or tax and...
  7. Schlaag

    What's it worth? AMI unit and Glovebox together

    Hi guys. Long story short i'm getting an RS3 today and am part EX-ing my 8P S3 I sourced a glovebox and AMI unit when I bought the car but now i'm part exing it I am refitting the original glovebox and thus have the ami glovebox WITH the AMI unit available so will put it in the classifieds...
  8. Schlaag

    Car cover (outdoor) for your RS3?

    Hi all. Does anyone use or recommend an outdoor car cover for their RS3? Unfortunately our car will be on the drive so I'd like a cover to try and protect the paint as well as keeping attention to it, minimal. I was thinking about the Classic Additions lightweight cover... (No RS3 or 8V...
  9. Schlaag


    Does anyone know an administrator there? I signed up (same username) last week and i'm still not validated... Is there anyone I can give a gentle nudge to?
  10. Schlaag

    Who do you insure your RS3 with?

    Hopefully putting a deposit down on one today... Woohoo! Is there a preferred insurer you guys use for a car like this? Will be quite a few options on the car so want a decent level of cover. I ran the usual 'money supermarket' comparisons and Admiral and Elephant came out best. All...
  11. Schlaag

    Buying a new or ex demo RS3? Advice appreciated

    Hi all. We are looking to buy an RS3 to keep for 2 to 3 years before changing. We have been looking at the audi used stock lists from around 75miles radius of our postcode... most of the ones we like the look of (we are strict on colour and some options) are around the £45-48k mark with around...
  12. Schlaag

    Valuations? 2011 S3 Black Edition

    Hi guys. Is there a valuation section anywhere for car sales?? I'm going to get a new RS3 and obviously the part ex offer that Audi have given me for my car is just plain insulting. I'm not really au fait with the second hand S3 prices at present but I know they are a lot higher than what i've...
  13. Schlaag

    New rear diff. When sdhould it be re-serviced?

    Hi We had our S3 rear diff replaced under warranty. It ended up being goodwill after we found out the car had never had a haldex service despite being bought as an audi approved car! My question is, now the diff is brand new... when should it have an oil/filter change/service? Should it be at...
  14. Schlaag

    Audiable whir / whine from rear of S3 on light throttle?

    Hi guys... we took the S3 for its first major motorway jaunt at the weekend just gone. Enter stage door left... really irritating noise from the rear of the car. Its a kind of whirring, buzz, whine noise. At first I thought it was stereo interference, until I switched it off and it remained...
  15. Schlaag

    Poxy wiper has scratched the windscreen

    Has anyone successfully compounded out wiper scratches on their windscreen? Must have been some grit caught... i'm so p*ssed off. Directly in front of the driver view... driving me crazy. OR I guess this is the perfect time to get a new windscreen with the tint for an automatic mirror through...
  16. Schlaag

    2012 RNS-E Random reboots

    Hi all. 2nd gen RNS-E randomly reboots itself from time to time. The nav DVD in it is a copy. I wonder if this is the issue? Am going to order a genuine disc. Would a vagcom scan show anything do you think? Has anyone had this before? thanks
  17. Schlaag

    Anyone got a Tune2Air plugged in to their AMI

    Hi all Just fitted my AMI and tune2air... the phone connects but audio plays , stops, plays, stops, plays annoying! anyone else had this issue?! so much for plug and play!
  18. Schlaag

    New RNS-E unit - Bluetooth mic not picking up my voice - Coding?

    Hi All. Factory bluetooth fitted, worked fine with my old 192 RNS-E New 193 RNS-E has arrived and I installed the other day. Working fine (Had to recode in VCDS as everything was german!) Now my iPhone connects fine to the system but when I hit the speech button on the steering wheel, it...
  19. Schlaag

    AUTODAB as well as AMI with RNS-E?

    Good afternoon! DAB & AMI with RNSE, assuming its possible? The reason I'm checking is the wiring harnesses... there will, from my understanding, be some daisy chaining going on... RNS-E bare socket. AMI wiring harness will plug in to this then the Autodab harness in to the end of the AMI...
  20. Schlaag

    LED RNS-E with SDS (8P0 035 193 H)

    Hi all. Can I just please confirm with those that know, that if I purchase a 8P0 035 193 H with SDS... that I will have voice control capability with perhaps just a VCDS recode? The car has factory Bluetooth so there is a mic installed around me somewhere! About to pull the trigger on a unit...