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    How much is my Special Edition worth?

    After 8 years of ownership I’ve finally grown bored of my A4 Avant 2.0tfsi Special Edition. Going to sell it but wondering what the going rate is? Autotrader is throwing a big range. Since taking ownership I’ve fitted :- RS4 grille Rev D diverted valve Coil overs Later RNSE 2017 Bluetooth...
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    Car been in storage for 6 months now MIL

    Hi folks, I put my A4 Avant 2.0 TFSI Special Edition in storage back in November when it developed a fuel leak as I was about to put my house on the market and the garage was stacked full and I was too busy to do it. 6 months on I finally got the finger out and paid the car a visit. Dead...
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    AMI fitted and now Bluetooth not working?

    I finally got round to fitting an AMI to my RNSE Mk2 that I had already fitted with the latest bluetooth module and a kufatec harness. I asked here about wiring for AMI and Bluetooth a while back and got no answer so purchased the AMI wiring harness from kufatec and connected it to the existing...
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    Charcoal Filter and Oxygen Sensor VCDS faulty wiring linked???

    I ran a VCDS scan on my better halfs 1.6 sport 00' and it came up with the below faults. The lambda sensor looked like it had been previously replaced with a universal cut and shut job as the wires were all corroded and melted near the sensor at the joins from the cut and shut. I cut and...
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    What harness for AMI on B7

    I retrofitted a MK2 RNSE and latest bluetooth module to my B7 A4 using a bluetooth wiring harness from Kufatec. I toyed with an iPod adapter and had the appropriate cable(same as CD Changer) for a bit but have since decided an AMI would be a better option so got a module recently expecting it to...
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    Where to get discs/pads for DTM/Special Edition.

    The brakes on my tfsi special edition are way past there best so gonna get new discs and pads all round. I have the cross drilled 320mm discs and was wondering what my options are as guessing the local Dingbros won't stock them. Not really flush for cash as got suspension to buy as well lol so...
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    AMI cable from A3

    As title. Think part no. 8K0 051 592 is the right one.
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    Which AMI part no?

    I have an A4 B7 with MkII RNSE and looking to fit AMI to it. I have been looking on fleabay for a cheap AMI and there are quite a few various models. Is the a certain model I require? 8P0 fits I believe but see AMI from other vehicles and 8T0 listed too but seems to only fit Symphony units?
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    Revo remap trial in Fife?

    Is there any place in Fife that offers this and comes recommended?
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    Quattro decat same as FWD?

    Recently I bought a decat for a Quattro cheap on fleabay. i did do a search on the web but couldn't find much info on wether the same decat is used on Quattro and fwd or not but since it was going cheap I just took the plunge. Does anyone know if t does fit or not because...... Today after...
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    Local tuner recommending to stay away from decat! Any experienced opinions?

    Had my A4 2.0tfsi in for a service the other day at my local specialist and tuner. Was telling him that I had ordered a decat and was gonna get him to remap it and he was aghast that i was i was going down the decat route and was trying to talk me out of it saying that it would make little...
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    Does a decat for 2.0 tfsi Quattro also fit 2wd?

    As title really. Did a quick search on the net but can't find a definitive answer. a lot of "I think it does" but nothing definite.
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    Should this Bluetooth Module work or have I been sold a dud?

    I decided to go OEM when fitting Bluetooth to my A4 after previously installing a LED RNSE. I looked at a few threads and was under the impression that most of the Audi Bluetooth Modules were universal but with various features enabled. So went to fleabay and kept my eye on modules that might...
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    Anyone tried to mod RS4 Bumper Fog Grilles to fit S line

    I know most guys recommend buying Mesh from Germany and mod the existing S Line fog grilles with that but wondering if anyone has tried modding OEM RS4 grilles to fit an S Line bumper or is it just not possible? I know the RS4 ones are taller and fog light location is different but is it...
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    CD Changer cable and bumper grilles

    Looking for a price for a CD Changer/Ipod dock to RNSE cable and a pair of RS4 B7 bumper fog grilles? Also could u let me know what postage would be to KY5?
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    Retrofitting RNSE and nothing connected to B Block of Concert II+

    Been trying to fit a LED RNSE to my 2007 A4 B7 and having removed my old Concert II+ and being confirmed that I need to switch pins for the K Line. However, I seem to have a prob as there was nothing plugged into the B Block of the old unit and nothing in the harness. Is this normal as not seen...
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    Fitted RNSE but can't access coding on VCDS for it

    Hi guys, I received a LED RNSE for my B7 A4 today and as the sticker on the unit is an Audi one I didn't need to switch any pins like on Seat units. Anyways obviously it unplugged and plugged in fine and after changing the language to English I had a wee play with and all seems to work ok. So...
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    Are all B7 bonnets the same?

    I bought a Avant Special Edition V2 last week and despite giving it a good looking over for some idiotic reason I didn't notice the bonnet had been repaired and painted. Took it to a detailed and he spotted it and now I've seen it, I can't believe I missed it. So obvious now I've had it pointed...
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    Petrol or diesel Special Edition?

    Hi there, Been lurking a while but now finally in a position to buy and been searching for a few weeks now for a good Avant Special Edition. Anyways I have my eye on 2 of the same year (07) and 1 is the petrol model and the other is diesel. I was leaning towards the diesel mainly down to MPG...