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    Slight jerky acceleration

    2010 S3 with 7k miles and GIAC remap since 1k. Not all the time but sometimes under load and flooring it, it accelerates fine but you can feel a slight 'hiccup' or similar feeling through pedal and car. Is this a recirc valve issue, fueling, or coil pack?. Car runs / idles fine. Any ideas?
  2. J

    Help required - S3 Front Springs length

    Need the length of these springs. Maybe someone has a pair to hand after fitting H&R's ?. Trying to find an OEM route to lowering just the front a tad ( and yes i know about Eibachs ) but OEM will be stealth and cheaper too. Thanks.
  3. J

    Finally Here

    Well i 'm glad to say i'm back in the VAG community:cool: Had a few prevoius VAG cars including Audi TT 225, MK4 Golf GTI ( PD 150 ) and a A3 2.0TDI DSG. Allthough good in obvious areas, non of them 'involved' me enough on a good back road. Hence i decided to down size to a MINI. First was a...
  4. J

    Coming Back

    Hi to all, Well as the deal was done last night i'm pleased to say i'm on my way back to the Audi brand. Spec: S3 3dr Ibis Buckets Bose PDC + Black Styling Package Bluetooth Interior Light Pack Light & Rain Sensors Brushed Alloy trim S spokes Delivery 1st March 2010...
  5. J

    Bye Bye

    Cheerio guys, Great forum and i'll be popping in from time to time, but my Audi is going at midday today. In it's place is a nice new shiney MCS with lots of revs to play with :-)
  6. J

    Elise rival

    Anybody seen this months edition of CAR magazine ?. Apparently Bugatti are thinking of making an Elise rival, VW derived 2ltr turbo tuned to 280bhp and a target weight of 1111kgs. Estimated price: 35k Oh, and it looks the absolute mutts nutts
  7. J

    Wheel Bearing

    Looking for help guys ! Noisey rumbling from front has got worse in last few weeks. Thought at first it was tyre roar, but never had it when tyres were new. Now on certain corners ( left hand ) under throttle I get a pattering / rumbling sound. This makes me think it's the offside wheel...
  8. J


    Got caught speeding in what I believed to be a 40 limit, unfortunately it was a 30 limit. 47 in a 30, does this represent a ban or am I likely to get points and a fine?. Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. J

    2nd service - thoughts!

    Car was in on Friday for 2nd service. Courtesy car was an A3 1.9tdi se. Oh my god, how snatchy and sensitive / over servoed were the brakes Glad I only had it for the day. Saw a Q7 in the flesh for the first time........hope they dont make many otherwise we'll enter a new ice age as they'll...
  10. J

    CD Changer & Glovebox

    Posted in Trading post section. For sale: 6CD Glovebox Changer c/w Glovebox (black) and changer cable. Sensible offers, please pm me.
  11. J

    A3 Sport whhels

    If anyone is interested I have a set of std. 17" sport wheels plus tyres ( 2 brand new and 2 with 7mm tread depth ) for sale. Can arrange delivery. pm me if interested.
  12. J

    Door rubbing strips

    Hi guys, Can anyone confirm my thoughts that these are screwed on rather than glewed on. Cheers.
  13. J

    DSG and snow

    Is it just me that thinks DSG is brilliant in the snow. Pull away at tickover with all that torque, no chance of stalling and then boot it, wheelspin in 1st,2nd,srd,4th but rifle shot changes and great fun
  14. J

    Valentines day for men

    Go to Type March 20th in search bar Open and read the first listing that comes up. You will have to admit, us men may be daft but quite inventive!
  15. J

    Car for bowfer

    Bowfer, Just sat in your ideal car mate, it had no DSG box, it had plenty of space and four doors, it looked pretty sporty, oh and it certainly will do 0-100mph in less than 26 secs. Yep, you guessed it, Speccy cars have a RS4 in the showroom........drool. Sales guy said 'play around with it...
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    Drunk at concert
  17. J

    Titanium package

    Well if they end up doing this for the A3, then it may answer those who wanted to blaclk out the SFG !.
  18. J

    Paint bubble

    Recently found a paint bubble on my drivers door, about 3mm in diameter. It has what looks like the smallest of pin ****** in the middle. Yep, feared that Audi man would say ' ah, not covered under warranty as it's a stone chip'. Took it in today and under microscope the guy was still not sure...
  19. J

    Caught Speeding

    Yep, got the dreaded notice in today's post. 84mph in a 60mph limit. I know the stretch of road which is downhill and one of the few places to safely overtake. Can't remember seeing the white van though! Will this go to court or will I be offered a 'conditional offer' on this one?.
  20. J

    Alloy wheel repair

    Yep you've guessed it. Not kerbed an alloy in years and tonight through lack of concentration and in a rush, the kerb jumped out at me and that sickening sound of crunching alloy was heard. The mark is about 1 1/2" long and only about 2mm wide at worst point, but I hate marked alloys. Anybody...