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  1. A4Andy

    Meet/Road Trip

    Gents, it's been a while since we've gotten together for a good run. Last time we met in Crieff and then shot over to Oban before heading off our seperate ways. All in all it was a good day out. Let's have some suggestions for destinations, routes and dates. Personally I'm very interested...
  2. A4Andy

    Awesome - Midget Faceplant
  3. A4Andy

    LCR Splitters

    Plenty of threads kicking around, and they fit after fashion. However, does anyone know if they're is a carbon fibre unit availble?
  4. A4Andy

    Scottish Rolling Road Day - 9 Feb

    *Scottish Rolling Road Day - 9/2/08 * Right guys with the amount of remapped cars, modded cars and new cars kicking around I thought an RR day would be a good idea. Right lads. As many of you know, I'm still an active member over on from my 182 Cup days...
  5. A4Andy

    Fuel Petition It's got feck all chance of working, but I don't mind wasting a few clicks on the off chance. Sign up, people.
  6. A4Andy

    Next Meet Ideas

    Well lads, it's been a while. Think we should have a meet? Anyone got any ideas party? Go for a run? Rolling Road? Detailing day (not much point with this weather)? I know it's getting near Christmas and all, but one Sunday out of the next two months isn't too much to ask and...
  7. A4Andy

    Pros and Cons of S2 Ownership

    Guys An S2 is looking like my next car, depending on what happens on the job front. How reliable are they? What insurance group are they, what's the spec for the car (not statisitcs) etc. Just a general list of pros and cons please. :hi:
  8. A4Andy

    Tech Question - Boost

    If I'm showing a steady 15PSI at the manifold via a boost gauge, where the ******* can my boost be leaking from?! When I accelerate while in turbo country, above 2.2k or whatever, I get a sound like an air compressor blowing; I mean it's ******* loud. Along with this comes retardation of...
  9. A4Andy

    Boost Gauge My soon to be new window sticker...
  10. A4Andy

    Z4 Getting Raped By A Golf
  11. A4Andy

    Panel Filter

    Just an FYI thread for anyone searching on info. John @ Bedrock Veedubs in Motherwell recommended a Jextex panel filter to improve airflow. Decided to give it a bash. I can certainly say that response seems to have improved, and there is the hint of a deeper engine note, although this isn't...
  12. A4Andy

    312 Breaks

    Which wagons have these? Thinking about robbing some for "tweaking" the old front brakes.
  13. A4Andy

    Glencoe Run

    The Cliosport boys are doing a Glencoe run on the 19th of May. We could crash that; I'm going anyway. The plan is to meet up about 10am at Stirling Services and go for a relaxed drive round beautiful roads. It's roughly 240 miles or so, so about 5 hours will fully cover it easily. CS...
  14. A4Andy

    Pics Request - Plates

    Can you lovely ladies and gents post up pictures of your 3/4 length or cropped plates please. Failing that any customer or show plates that you have. Trying to get some ideas. Vielen dank.
  15. A4Andy

    F1 Fallen, Tribute

    Get the hankies ready. :crying: Y5POVNw8nuQ
  16. A4Andy


    For Ming Blue :yes:
  17. A4Andy

    What's the Difference...

    Between and male and female chav? The female has the higher sperm count. *boom boom - tsssshhh*
  18. A4Andy

    Strut Braces

    Does anyone have these fitted and if so how do they find they them? Also does anyone know if there are any adverse effects to adding them to a wagon with Quattro?
  19. A4Andy

    Seriously "Gansta" Clio Spotted by one of the lads on Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
  20. A4Andy

    WARNING: Highly Addictive