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  1. SleAze

    New S3 Saloon Carbon Spoiler

    Hey everybody, does anyone happen to know where can you find \ purchase the "big" carbon spoiler for the saloon? Even a replica would be fine, but I haven't seen anything for the 8Y chassis yet
  2. SleAze

    Brand New S3 MirrorTap

    Hey, on my previous A3 2020 I had a Uniden R1 radar detector installed, and I took power using a MirrorTap kit from BlendMount. I saw a guide online that told me what wires I should tap (exactly on an A3 8V FL). My question is did someone try \ installed a radar detector on his brand new 8Y...
  3. SleAze

    New S3 Order

    Hey guys, i'm about to order tommorow the brand new S3 with custom modification. My question is does the new S3 have the G-Meter and Power Torque gauges in the cockpit just like the previous 8V FL with virtual cockpit had? As far as I saw in the dealership it had nothing like that, but it seems...
  4. SleAze

    Facelift TTRS Steering Wheel Retrofit

    Hey, i'm gonna attempt the TTRS steering wheel retrofit in my car I've tried searching online but found no information at all regarding this retrofit. Can someone that did that installion share some expierences? Also, i've found this item on AliExpress: I...
  5. SleAze

    Facelift Replacing Center Armrest's Leather

    Hey, im interested in purchasing the leather part of the armrest with red stitching like this one: My car does come with an armrest, but without red stitching (yes I know i'm insane for...
  6. SleAze

    Facelift Audi A3 2.0TFSI 190HP OPF Exhaust Changes

    Hey there. I got my car on January 2020 brand new from the dealership. As time goes by, I got a bit "bored" from the stock sound, Does anyone with the same engine as my car made any exahust changes and can recommend me what to do? I tried searching online for videos but it seems like no one...
  7. SleAze

    Facelift Virtual Cockpit "Issues"

    Hey, I have a brand new 2020 AUDI A3 that has been retrofitted with Virtual Cockpit, Due to my local importer trying to save money, it came with the MMI2 STD. While retrofitting the VC, the MMI2 wasn't upgraded to the HIGH version due to extremely high costs. I have a problem with the VC which...
  8. SleAze

    Facelift Virtual Cockpit Sports Displays Help

    Hey, I recently got Virtual Cockpit retrofitted on my 2020 A3, it was coded to have all functions available such as Sport Layout, Sport Displays (G Meter & Engine Data) etc.. However the G Meter and engine data do show up on the display, but won't show any information.. 0% power 0% torque, and...
  9. SleAze

    Facelift Regarding Steering Wheel Replacement

    Hey, My car currently has the following regular round steering wheel with no "VIEW" button (as no virtual cockpit is installed on the car) + DSG paddles I found a cheap facelift RS3 steering wheel without airbag for sale (with "VIEW" button) and I would like to know before I purchase it if it's...
  10. SleAze

    Facelift 2019 CarPlay retrofit

    Hey, my brand new A3 sport should arrive on january, it comes with MMI2 low variant - No oem CarPlay. Are there any recommended adapters that I can buy which works the best? Searching online I saw too many variants \ models with different prices. It's important that they will work good and use...
  11. SleAze

    Facelift 2019 Audi A3 2.0 Sline 40 TFSI

    Hey, I just purchased today my brand new Audi A3 Sline + "Sport" package from the dealership. One of the most important features i wanted was the Virtual Cockpit, which according to my dealership - can't be locally installed \ upgraded (car is already in my country). What options do the car...
  12. SleAze

    R8 Reverse Camera to A3 8P With RNS-E MK2

    I have all the necassery parts, i've pulled the Kuafatec loom from the trunk to the front towards the RNS-E And connected it to the Media \ Video source behind the RNS-E. My question is there are 4 cables (4 different colors) that come out of that same wiring loom, and i'm not sure what to do...
  13. SleAze

    8V Air Vents Adapters

    Hey, i've retrofitted the 8V air vents, but cant handle the insane loss of ac fan power. Someone know where \ how I can get the adapters? I've seen people 3d print them - but this isn't an option for me as no 3d printing available for me. I'm even willing to purchase premade ones from someone...
  14. SleAze

    Audi RNS-E LED

    Hey, currently have an Android (8.1 highest spec) headunit on my 2012 A3. I use it with a wireless carplay dongle, but currently looking to upgrade for a more "OEM finish". I've been looking at RNS-E led latest G revisions, but have a few questions. 1) How hard is it to retrofit OEM bluetooth...
  15. SleAze

    A3 2012 FBMFSW Upgrade

    Hey guys, my car had a 4 spoke mfsw with dsg paddles. I recently got my hands on a FBMFSW part number: 8P0419091CR from a 2008 S3. The guy I got the wheel from said it will work perfectly fine, I just want to double check. In addition, does anyone know which part number airbag do I need for...
  16. SleAze

    Q2 AC Vents Into A3 8P (2012)

    Hey, I know the A3 8V's AC vents can be fitted to our A3 8P with some trimmings. I have an option to buy a set of 4 Q2 2017 AC vents for a bargain. The question is will it fit my car? Or it's completley different from the A3 8V ones.
  17. SleAze

    HeadUnit Won't Switch To Reverse Mode

    Hey, I have an Audi A3 2012, equipped with a Wondefoo PX5 head unit aswell as a canbus decoder. Before installing a reverse camera, everytime i switched to reverse it automatically went to "Reverse Mode" And AVIN.apk popped out (even though it was just stating "No signal" - because no camera was...
  18. SleAze

    Rear Speakers Not Working - Wiring Help

    Hey, I have a Wondefoo head unit installed in my car (i attached the wiring's details). My car has the non Bose speakers, fronts work great, rears won't work at all. From reading by previous threads I saw i need to connect the amp - as it's the one that powers the rear speakers. The problem is...
  19. SleAze

    CH \ LH Activation & Needle Sweep

    Hey, i just recieved my VCDS cable and i used it to activate my puddle \ warning lights + interior handle ambient light. I want to activate the Coming Home \ Leaving Home function - my car doesn't have the light&rain sensor fitted. is it possible? its a MY 2012. Also regarding the needle...
  20. SleAze

    New Door Panels Light Options Help

    Hey, I recentley replaced my door panels to other kinds i found on eBay for cheap. My old door panels had no lighting option (no puddle \ warning lights), and the new ones do have them, aswell as the little red LED inside the interior door handle. As far as i know to enable the puddle \ warning...