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  1. Psyman79

    Naughty Not quite the record for Scotland though. Si :)
  2. Psyman79

    Audi asking about mods

    Just went in to Aberdeen Audi to drop my car off to get my heated seat button changed and they asked me if the car had been tuned/chipped/modified in any way. Said it was a new thing to do with servicing so I'm assuming they're looking a bit harder for these things. Just thought I'd mention it...
  3. Psyman79

    Door seal issues :(

    Good day to you all :) Is anyone else suffering from poor door seals on FL cars. Never had an issue with the PFL saloon but with the 3 door i get a lot of drips into the car when i open the door. Most of the water heads straight for the crack between the outside of the leather bolster and the...
  4. Psyman79

    Coming home/leaving home lights on FL S3

    Hi there everybody :-) Just wondering if anyone knows of whether the coming home/leaving home light settings can be changed via VCDS. On my PFL S3 these were seperate settings and i prefered to have leaving on and coming off. For some reason Audi have decided to merge it into 1 setting on the...
  5. Psyman79

    Xmas pressie from Audi

    Hey all :) Got myself a wee present through the post today from Audi. As a thnk you for being a customer i've been specially selected to receive a £100 voucher to spend on accessories :) Anyone else had this? Si :)
  6. Psyman79

    S3 to S3 upgrade

    Hey there, not been on for a while but thought i'd pop in a wee update thread. After owning my S3 saloon for almost 2 years i've decided to upgrade (???) to a 3dr S3. I've had an on-going issue over the last 6 months with the pre-sense system and Audi UK fail to see it as an issue so i've...
  7. Psyman79

    Great roads map

    I started a thread in the A3/S3 (8V) forum today after a rather enjoyable drive through Perthshire. I was wondering if it is any way possible to add a great roads map to the site. This would allow us to share our favourite roads with rest of the community. I'm not sure what the legal...
  8. Psyman79

    A984 & A822

    Just drove down to Crieff Hydro for the night and took the scenic route. All i can say is wow, what a great drive. Put everything in dynamic and went for it, what an absolute joy of a trip in the S3. The 2 roads in the title in particular (look them up on maps as i was having too much fun to...
  9. Psyman79

    Saloons are so pretty :)

    Every time i look at my car i can't help but think that the A3/S3 saloon is by far the most attractive saloon car available to buy. It brings a smile to my face every time i see it and thats before i've even sat in the thing. :) Si. Probably didn't need to start a thread to say that but hey ho.
  10. Psyman79

    Wife passed her test :)

    My wife has passed her driving test today and i have her car at work. Which means my S3 is sat on the driveway teasing her.
  11. Psyman79

    Saloon rear quarter noise on cold

    Good morning all :) During the recent cold weather i'm noticing a lot of noise coming from the rear windscreen area on my car. It sounds a bit like a creaky noise rather than the rattle other members have mentioned. Sometimes it can be quite loud and sounds like the window is about to pop...
  12. Psyman79

    B & O in A3/S3 Saloon

    I was just wondering if someone with a saloon and B & O could confirm if the speakers in the back doors have nice covers like the front door speakers and possibly provide pics. I'm not expecting them to have the light strip but would be a wee bit dissapointed if they're just plain black...
  13. Psyman79

    BMW i8 - WOW

    Thats not wow in a good way :) Thought they looked pretty horrid on tv, saw one in the flesh today and oh my god :puke2: I never thought that BMW would be able to make an uglier car than the current range (IMHO) but they've managed. Si.
  14. Psyman79

    Aberdeen Audi Theft

    Poor old John Clark Audi in Aberdeen was broken into at the weekend. 1 unregistered RS5 and 1 unregistered S5 taken :( Not good.
  15. Psyman79

    Possible used S5 purchase

    Hi there, I currently drive an A3 (8V) 1.4tfsi COD and quite fancy trading it in towards the end of the year for an S5. Whilst i would prefer the newer 3.0l its looking more likely that it'll be the 4.2 V8 due to the wife needing her own car (currenlty learning so S5 not very sensible) Looking...
  16. Psyman79

    Tough decision to make

    So i've had my A3 for a couple of months now and i'm starting to think i should've got an S3. Whilst i'm really happy with the car, i'm just a bit dissapointed with the economy. This being one of the main reasons for trading in my Leon Cupra which was giving me around 28 mpg. After 1400 miles...
  17. Psyman79

    A Glaze - Anyone had it done

    I posted this query in the detailing section but there doesn't seem to be much traffic through there so thought i'd try on here.I was looking at getting my car done properly to protect the paintwork for the next 3 years. I know absolutely nothing about detailing so was looking to get a local...
  18. Psyman79

    A Glaze - Anyone had it done.

    I was looking at getting my car done properly to protect the paintwork for the next 3 years. I know absolutely nothing about detailing so was looking to get a local company to do it. I went to The Washbay in Cove, Aberdeen today and he suggested getting my car done with A Glaze (product name)...
  19. Psyman79

    My A3 so far.

    Just thought i'd write a short(ish) review of my Audi experience so far. After what has seemed like a very short 6 weeks, i collected my A3 (details in sig.) on Saturday from Aberdeen Audi (John Clark). My overall impression so far is that of quality. Everything just seems so well put together...
  20. Psyman79

    Connecting an external HDD

    Hi there, I've just ordered an A3 s-line with the sd sat nav. i was just wondering if anyone has connected an external hard drive to the MMI through USB to be used as music storage. From the brochure i see that SDXC cards up to 1TB are supported but a hard drive would be a much cheaper option...