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  1. mcfc1987

    Previous to your A4

    So, as the title says, let's see your journey to your current A4 This was my first car after passing my test, decent first car 1.9tdi nippy for a young one My love affair of French hatches then started and I went to Gti6's/ralleys for a few years This was my baby, 250bhp, absolutely flew...
  2. mcfc1987

    Saloon window tints

    Can people who have after market tints please help me out, what % tint have you gone for and can you post a pic, many thanks in advance
  3. mcfc1987

    Black badges

    afternoon all has anyone here used raywell design for black badges, adding a bit more gloss black to the already blacked up black edition
  4. mcfc1987

    Daytona grey A4

    So, what's the best way to get to know all the angles of your new car? Clean it! Have been into detailing for about 6/7 years but due to having kids and no time so my last two cars (golf R32 and DS5) were regulars at the local £5 hand wash. I decided this had to change for the new ride and...
  5. mcfc1987

    Picked it up

    So picked up the beauty today. I know it's not an S4 so I'm in the minority lol Immediate plans, full detail as soon as possible, no imperfections in the paint but I have a sealant that will suit the paint perfectly and bring out the flake pop massively, then just enjoy it, quick for diesel...
  6. mcfc1987

    Lincoln area

    Evening all, would like a few bits doing, needle sweep, drl's stay on when indicating and hidden menu opened so I can access the drive mode select menu Anyone able to help?
  7. mcfc1987

    New car - New member

    Afternoon all, was having a google the other night and came across this site, noticed Bristlehounds username and recognized it from detailing world, pick my new car up Tuesday. Black edition nav - It has the new 190ps tdi unit in - Daytona grey - Alcantara seats instead of leather, electric...