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  1. kaz219

    Lamin X for My Accord Type R

    Hi Does anyone know if i can get some lamix for the fogs and headlamps of my current car (Accord Type R)? And how do i go about getting some? Sorry dont have a clue about these as i didnt think they would suit my A3 but would love some now. Finally managed to get a few pics at the openin...
  2. kaz219

    Aftermarket Air Filters - As good as you think?
  3. kaz219

    Sold My A3 Today :S

    Notsure whether im happy or sad but the bad news is that its gone and the good news is i got £10,000 for it. Paid £10,500 for it in June 2008 so didnt do too bad at all given the current market! Was a 2004/54 A3 2.0 TDI S-Line DSG with 63k, FSH and quite a decent spec! She was mint - only 2...
  4. kaz219

    Car starts on first click?

    Hi guys. Afer some advise for a mate. His car starts on the first click of the key as opposed to the dash lights/stereo coming on and then starting on the click after. Going to go vagcom it later but what could be the prob :S His is a A3, pretty much the same as mine. Cheers
  5. kaz219

    Why's My 2.0 TDI Running Rough on Idle? (With Vid)

    Hi guys. My TDIs developed a rough idling probs as the vid shows below. What could it be ?? Vagcom shows nothing :S Could it be the injectors? It drives fine but just idles between 740 and 840. Any help would be much appreciated Cheers...
  6. kaz219

    URGENT HELP - Cambelt :(

    Hi guys. Took my car to have a screw fitted which holds the the air filter pipe on as it was misplaced when he fitted the turbo but he removed the cambelt cover and badly grazed it with his watch or a tool. Anyways, i had the cambelt and tensioner kit done in late 2007 but could i get away...
  7. kaz219

    Castrol Edge - 5w-30 Oil - HOW MUCH ????

    Hi guys. Going to get my car serviced and bought the above oil. At Trade price, it was 36+VAT and in Halfords it was £46! I've bought it now but anyone know where i can get it cheaper to keep one in the boot? And does anyone know how much oil the engine takes? Thanks Cheers!
  8. kaz219

    Insurance Help on My A3 2.0 TDI :S

    Hi guys. I was insured on my A3 for under £1400 with 1 years NCB (which will be 2 at the end of this month) but as some of you know, i also own an Accord Type R. I will be using my NCB on that as i have found a decent quote which means there will be no NCB on the A3. So being 19, Living in...
  9. kaz219

    What are the chance of...

    ...the broken bits of a blown turbo going into the engine on a 2.0 TDI ? Got the turbo off and the bearings have completely colapsed (Will get some pics up later). The propelor does look complete (bit bent) but was wondering what are the chances of the debris getting into the engine if it...
  10. kaz219

    ETKA Turbo Print Out ?

    Hi guys. Going to do the turbo and having never done one before, I'm trying to gather as much info as poss. I was after an ETKA printout which shows the turbo with the gaskets/manifold/screws and maybe part numbers if poss etc. Like this but for the turbo: Thanks a million - i really...
  11. kaz219

    URGENT HELP with my Blown Turbo!

    Hi guys. Sorry for the lengthy post but hope someone can shed light on my situation.. I know my turbos blown but the RAC guy came down today to tow my car to the garage however, it wouldnt turnover (i thought the batt was dead as its been parked up for over a month). I told him to give it a...
  12. kaz219

    Pointers/Help on Removing 2.0 TDi Turbo

    Hi guys. My cars booked in for next week at the garage to be fitted with a new turbo but i want to take a look at it for myself and see whats gone wrong... Could someone give me some advise/pointers on how to get it off and the timescale of the job. Cheers
  13. kaz219

    Service Now ?

    Hi guys Car in question is a 2001 TT 225 Coupe We serviced it last april at 42k and a year later, its done 45k. The last service was a full service (inc cambelt, haldex etc.) Would it be worth changing the oil and oil filter now or shall i leave it another year? Oil still looks brown...
  14. kaz219

    Need Temp Insurance @ 19

    Hi guys. My cars in the garage for over a week but mums on holiday an she's got her 2003 Merc C180 Kompressor Sport parked up in the drive. Does anyone know where i can get insured to drive it for around 14days? Normal temp insure companies say you have to be over 21. Cheers
  15. kaz219

    URGENT HELP - My Turbo's Just Blown (I think)

    Guys I got my car out today after being on holiday. Been driving all day and its been fine and as i was pulling out of Tescos, i accelerated moderatly and pop, white smoke.... I turned it off and started it to see if it went into limp mode but when started, it idles and there's a rattling...
  16. kaz219

    O.T: Audi A7 Looks awesome i think !! Love the lines of it :D
  17. kaz219

    Thank God for VAGCOM !!!

    Went to buy a Golf for a mate and i took my vagcom with me. Plugged it in and this came up: Centr. Locks 5 Faults Found: 01366 - Opened Due to Crash Signal 35-00 - - 01374 - Alarm triggered by Terminal 15 35-00 - - 01370 - Alarm triggered by Interior Monitoring...
  18. kaz219

    How Many Amps is my Alternator?

    Hi guys. Currently doing a ICE install in my car and just wanted to know what the amp on the alternator was? Sticking another battery in the boot to power the amps.. Cars a 2004 2.0 TDI DSG with BKD engine. Cheers :D
  19. kaz219

    Anyone after the adapter to make your rear speakers work with aftermarket HU...

    I got one lying about as i changed all my speakers... you need this to make your rear speakers work with an aftermarket HU. This is good one - The audio guy said there are some available without the black box and they sound awfull Pm me if interested... Blue wires the remote wire and...
  20. kaz219

    Illumination Wire on ISO - In Right Place for A3 ?

    Hi guys. Off Uni until Thursday so thought I'd stay home and start on my ICE Install. But - My original ALPINE ISO has been in endless cars so had a wire a new one on but not too sure about the orange illumination wire. Is it in the right place in the ISO block to make the stereo dim when...