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    Peeling Handbrake swtich?

    Noticed that the brushed chrome tip to the handbrake switch is peeling off, car is only a just over a year old, anyone else had this? Guessing Audi aren't going to sort under warranty? ANd guessing it will be a nightmare job to change the switch?
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    Spotted the other day someone has pinched a centre cap of the misses A1, not a biggy, then notice they have tried to dig the headlamp washer jet out of the front bumper and stolen the the colour coded plate off it! FFS, managed to get the mechanism all back in and working, but imagine it will be...
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    Looking to get an A3 1.4 tsi - advise needed!!

    Hi all, looking to get an A3 1.4 and ideally 150. Looking for white or Daytona Grey and with a nice spec. Problem is that there are very few for sale and most are main dealer, being new i guess, but, am I right in thinking that later this year as the new reg comes in they are 3 years old and...