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  1. Neil_S

    Modifying EGR duty cycle and fuel on TDi

    I read about modifying the EGR duty cycle and the amount of fuel going to the engine on another Audi forum so tried this today with the aim of reducing the amount of black smoke and dirtying on the EGR and intake manifold by reducing the EGR to it's minimum setting. The values I changed are...
  2. Neil_S

    Changed the Auxillary belts - Lock carrier access info

    Got the Serpentine and Airconditioning belts changed today, thought I'd take a few pics to show people the access that you have to play with when the lock carrier is in service position. Note if you need more access you'll need to drain the coolant and remove the coolant hoses from the bottom...
  3. Neil_S

    Serpentine belt change

    My serpentine belt is in a bit of a state and I'm going to have to change it in the next few weeks. Has anybody had the front bumper and lock carrier in service position on these cars? (2001 B6 1.9 TDi (130) - engine code AWX) Anything to watch out for? I'm going to do the air...
  4. Neil_S

    Latest R32 brakes, same as B6 S4?

    The reason I ask if the latest R32 has the same brake setup as the B6 S4 is to see whether I can buy the pads or discs cheaper at VW than I can at Audi. I bought a bleed nipple from VW for the calipers I am refurbing and they are exactly the same, but £3 more at Audi than VW. I've just...
  5. Neil_S

    First mod of the year complete

    The derv now has cruise control! I'm very pleased, it was a bit of a chore getting all the trim back in place in the end but well worth it. Cruise control is very useful. If anybody wants any help, let me know.
  6. Neil_S

    S4 Brake upgrade

    Thanks to james0808, who prompted me to have a look on ebay last night for S4 brakes and I came across somebody selling calipers and carriers. As I was only 20 miles away and on the travel today I dropped by to take a look and bought them. All in all, I am really chuffed, they are off a...
  7. Neil_S

    Belly Pan screws

    Am I the only one who seems to lose these with frequency? I'm sick of it, because the car is lowered on the odd occasion I do sometimes brush the belly pan on nasty speed bumps. It appears that even the slightest of knocks on the belly pan is enough to free these bolts. They also appear...
  8. Neil_S

    S4 Brake upgrade

    I've read a few threads about people upgrading the B6 to S4 brakes and this got me very interested as a next project after recently installing the Kw V2 coilovers. I have the 1.9 TDi with the 288mmx25mm brake discs and as I understand it you can upgrade these to the B5 or B6 S4 brakes with...
  9. Neil_S

    Alarm Siren - 4 blips fixed

    In the last two weeks I started to get the 4 blips from the Alarm Siren on switching the ignition. Today I took the Siren out and rather than replace as Audi would have you do, I followed the steps here Seems to have...
  10. Neil_S

    Cleaning out Intake Manifold and EGR

    I have been having some issues with the A4 recently. My local independent replaced a vacuum hose and this had the car back to normal, but this morning on starting the car I had white smoke and eventually the car would stall. After doing some diagnosis I pulled the vacuum hose out of the EGR...
  11. Neil_S

    Coilovers installed!

    At long last I have completed the coilover install, I thought I'd share a handful of photos of the results. This has been something I have always wanted to do, indeed I have been talking about this for nearly two years! The install was torture in parts, but the results are worth it :thumb...
  12. Neil_S

    A4 spring tidy up - Zymol vs Swissol

    Overview So the A4 has now been wearing Zaino since October 2006 and this has been immensely impressive, can't really fault it. I had in this time stocked up on some Swissvax Best of Show and had been given a sample of Zymol Concours, so the objective of today was to use these high end...
  13. Neil_S

    Restoring Audi Pillar Covers

    Thought some people reading this may appreciate it, so I cross posted here. You can take the pillar covers off by using a torx screw on the two screws below the little black plastic cover at the bottom of the pillar cover. Open both doors and pull the plastic cover gently at the bottom and...
  14. Neil_S

    G62 Coolant Temperature Sender - Replacement guide

    Just did this job today and found some better ways to do it, over what I've read on some Audi sites so thought I'd publish my own guide. The G62 temperature sensor is a fairly common component to go on the Audi A4, typically this can be diagnosed via vag-com codes such as 17664. Tools...
  15. Neil_S

    Changing the battery on a 2001 Audi A4 1.9 TDi

    Just thought I'd post to let everybody know that I did this job today in about 20 minutes and it was a piece of cake. The main problem is the retaining hex bolt which holds the battery in place, it's a ****** to get to, but with careful use of an alan key I unscrewed it and released the...
  16. Neil_S

    A4 1.9 TDi B6 - Electric Window problem

    In the last two weeks I have found that when opening the car on say 1 in 3 occassions the front windows wind down. I have tried using the spare key, tried a new battery in the key fob, checked the window open and shut buttons are not jammed in the car door, but it still persists. Anybody got...