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    Central Locking & Electric Windows not working

    Hi, Central locking & electric windows stopped working (alarm would still arm/dis-arm), checked the fuses in the right-hand side of dashboard and fuses on the battery all which are OK, removed the central locking pump from boot and this also looks ok (no visible PCB damage, impellar OK) have I...
  2. J

    Rear Washer Jet

    Hi, Does anyone know if the rear washer jet (the removeable twin jet bit that attaches to the rear washer) can be bought new from Audi as mine is blocked solid??
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    Halfords Oil

    Does anyone know if the Halfords 5W/30 fully synthetic oil is suitable for 2000 1.8T (AUM engine I think - facelift model), as they have this on offer 4litres for £10, any advice greatly appreciated???
  4. J

    Remote Key Fob

    Hi, Is there any way of testing the remote Key Fob independantly to help isolate wear the problem is?
  5. J

    Remote locking problems

    The remote locking/unlocking has stopped working on my sisters 2002 Audi A4, is there anyway of re-synchronising the key-fob with only one key as that is all she has, all the threads seem to suggest you need two keys??
  6. J

    Climate Control Unit Removal ??

    Can anyone advise how to remove the Climate Control Unit on a 2000 (facelift model) A3 ?
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    Knocking from glove box area.

    Hi, noticed a few times recently that on intial start-up I get a knocking noise comming from behind the glovebox, knocking lasts for about 5-10 seconds, has anyone got any ideas ?
  8. J

    Climate Control problem

    In the last few weeks i've noticed that when I switch my light on the climate control panel illumination is dim for a second or two and then brightens up, thought this was strange but didn't think any more of it untill I ran VAG com and it wouldn't connect to that controller (excessive comms...
  9. J

    Brake pedal switch - fitting instructions ??

    Does anyone have a guide or any tips regarding the fitting of a brake pedal switch, any tips on how to remove the piece of trim under the dash to give better access would be useful, car is a 2000 (face lift) A3 1.8T.
  10. J

    ESP light comes on and stays on.

    Yesterday my ESP light came on and stayed on, when I switch the car off and on again light comes on when i press the brake pedal, read the fault codes last night using Vag-Com and this is what I got:- Address 03 ------------------------------------------------------- Controller: 1C0 907...
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    8L chassis

    Is the 8L chassis based on one of the golf platforms, if so does anyone know which platform it's based on.
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    Loud clanging noise ??

    Hi, my A3 1.8T has started making a loud clanging noise, often does it going over bumps (but not all the time) I think it could exhaust related, has anyone else had similar issue's with exhausts ??
  13. J

    Concert stereo removal ??

    Hi tried removing my concert stereo with a set of those autoleads removal keys, but the left hand clip won't release, also since I tried to remove the stereo it won't power on anymore, I can get the fascia off does anyone know how to release the left hand clip ??
  14. J

    Electric window problems ??

    Just replaced the electric window motor on the front passenger door of my A3, which got the window working again, but the one touch function isn't working for that window (press it once goes all the way down/up), is that only controlled by the switch or is there something else that could be...
  15. J

    Anyone tried one of these ?

    Has anyone tried one of these modified throttle bodies in the link below ?
  16. J

    Electric window motor part number ?

    Hi, is anyone able to tell me what the part number is for the "near side front" electric window motor, on a 5 door, year 2000 (face lift model) A3, as there is one on ebay and I wanted to check it's the correct one, any info would be a great help.
  17. J

    Pirelli P6000 tyres

    Has anyone fitted Pirelli P6000 tyres to there 1.8T Sport(205 - 55 - 16), if so what did they think of them ? If not what tyres does everyone else use on there 1.8T Sport ?
  18. J

    facelift model headlights ??

    Hi, I've got a 2000 facelift model A3, can anyone tell what type the dipped-beam bulbs are that it uses, also what are the best upgrade bulbs Osram, Phillips etc. ??
  19. J

    FM reception poor

    Hi, the FM radio reception in my systers 2002 A4 1.8T has suddenly deteriated, does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might be ? Do they have an FM amplifier, if so is there any way of testing to see if this has failed ?
  20. J

    Electric Window Motor ???

    Need to replace the electric window motor on the front passenger door of my 5 Door A3, can anyone tell if the motors are different between 3-Door & 5-Door, Front & Rear (5-Door), Are they handed (drivers side passenger side), are Pre & Post facelift ones the same ???? Sorry for all the questions...