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  1. daz616

    central locking kit problem

    I brought a central locking kit of ebay as my b5 dosent have remote locking,reading through the intructions there are 4 different ways of wiring it to the lock, 1,negative trigger 2,positive trigger 3,pos/neg trigger 4,pneumatic lock any idea of what the a4 b5 saloons are fitted with even...
  2. daz616

    clay bar kit for a tenner !!

    thought this was pretty well priced for halfraud's !! Halfords | Halfords Advanced Clay & Detailing Kit
  3. daz616

    a4 b5 1996 saloon speaker size

    does anyone knowthe size of the front door speakers and the rear shelf speakers im looking to upgrade from the stock ones cheers
  4. daz616

    oil light flashing

    just noticed when i start the car the dash flashes with "oil" for about 30 seconds then goes off iv checked the oil and its spot on is this normal !
  5. daz616

    thinking of getting a a4 quattro

    ive got a 2.6 v6 a4 b5 and love it but want to upgrade to the 2.8 quattro is there anything i should be looking out for any comman problems that sort of thing thanks in advance
  6. daz616

    relaced cv boot now i have a noise at 35-40 mph A4 B5 2.6 v6

    i have just changed the front offside cv boot on my a4 b5 2.6 and now when i get to 35-40 there is a rumble which gets worse when you speed up and let off the throttle now im thinking i have disturbed the wheel bearing when i took the drive shaft out anyone had this problem before thanks in...
  7. daz616

    a4 b5 1997 ignition for head unit help !!!

    hi all i've just got a a4 2.6 v6 se and it didnt come with a head unit so ive put my one in it but there is no ignition power so the head unit stays on when the keys are taken out please tell me im being thick and have missed something !!