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  1. J

    Thieving Bar Stewards

    Went to check my tyre pressures on my new Avus wheels today (only been on a week) and some ****** has stolen the nice metal S4 dust caps.
  2. J

    Bilstein B12 Pro kit

    Seems AmD tuning have a free fitting offer on Bilstein suspension kits, I have a written quote for the B12 Pro kit of £594 (parts & labour). 4 wheel alignment is £72 extra if required. Seems an absolute bargain, as the fitting must be worth at least £200+
  3. J

    3 0 Petrol vs Diesel

    Anybody have experience of a 3.0l petrol & diesel. What are the pro vs cons of this engine, other than fuel consumption??
  4. J

    Screaming noise from turbo

    I have a 1.9tdi aws with 175k Last few days Iv'e heard what sounded like a slipping belt noise, but today got much worse & seems to be coming from the turbo! I assume the bearings have gone & the blades are rubbing on the inside of the housing of the turbo? Has anybody fitted a new cartridge...
  5. J


    I'm fitting a camera on a TPS delivery van tomorrow & as I was speaking to the manager, I asked him the situation on selling parts to the general public. He said that although they can't advertise selling to the public, he didn't know a branch that would turn away a sale! Infact he said if...
  6. J

    Heater Flaps/motors

    Can the flaps be reset by disconnecting the battery or do you need VCDS?
  7. J


    Seen this on Amazon Is it worth getting??