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    giac extreme

    yeh i know revo,s figures are good as my m8,s stage2 plus ran a 12.71/4 and is sitting 3rd from the top, but look whats sitting 7th on a fwd car 1 ). 12.601 @ 115.85 - DSG - OEM K04 - REVO S2+ - TRACK TYRE - MK5 ED30 - JonnyC 2 ). 12.701 @ 114.58 - MAN - GT3071R - REVO S3 - ROAD TYRE - AUDI...
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    giac extreme

    yeah i know akash, only went up there bec it was close to hand, think there more into mot,s and repairs now, NOT tuning, but am really happy with the way it drives now, i know when i go extreme plus i will be buying time with my clutch and dmf, so i will be needing to get some money put by for...
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    giac extreme

    yeh my vf is great, really happy with the fit, only thing is i moded a k03 vf intake to fit by putting a dv take off on it, bec the k04 intake wasnt out at the time i was looking for a intake, i really like the look of the vf and so thought i would buy it from the USA and mod it lol, everybody...
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    giac extreme

    After a travel up to star today and a long chat with jim, i changed my mine, and went for the race map, so now on my controler is race and pump map, with the race map on the car pulls strong with no flat spots, really happy with the power the now intill next month lol, i think i mite see myself...
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    giac extreme

    by any chance did u get ur giac done at star???? jim today was telling me about i guy he put the extreme map on his car and it had fueling issues???
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    giac extreme

    no he didnt say anythin bout the valve m8, i just told him what i had done, i already fitted mine took me a hour and i also fitted my m8,s too, u should pop down to my rolling road day on the 28th aug if ur close by, see the results???? yeah a couple of people over on cupra forum are running...
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    A3 - Rust Problems or not??

    hey khufu is rite the doors are a weak point, mines started to drop down and had to get realined, also the clearcoat has started to come off my bonnet, booked into glasgow audi bodyshop on monday to get the bonnet repainted under audi warranty, audi,s warranty is spot on!!!! lol
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    ESP Message when starting the car

    could be a number of things m8, will need to get vag com pluged in when the fault is happen??
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    giac extreme

    Hey was wondering if anybody is running giac extreme file as am booked into star performance tomorrrow to have the file flashed on ??? if so what kind of power are u running??? i have booked a rollin road day at extreme motorsport in whitburn for sat 28th aug with 17 people goin so far...
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    Forge catch can

    hey i have a forge catch can for sale in the classifield section for audi S3 8p, open to offers cheers Paul
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    Pro Alloy Intercooler

    Spot on m8:icon_thumright: this is the one am goin for too!! Pro alloy is a big name in the ford world too
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    MV Sport S3 8P Downpipe Conversion

    Got round to removeing daves downpipe and fitting the standard one back on today, was REALLY!!! easy to me 3hours on lying on my back, bout a foot in the air on axle stands:lmfao: So £200 for a S3 mv downpipe and 3hours of my time sounds no bad to me:laugh: fitting to mine next thursday nite...
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    Glasgow area - Vendor to install Bilstein Coilovers

    i will do them on a homer :yes:
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    MV Sport S3 8P Downpipe Conversion

    lol and i got the downpipe and pump:laugh:
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    S3 fuel pump

    Hey am selling a standard S3 8P fuel pump just ready to be autoteched in the classifieds, would be ideal for somebody who wants to keep there standard fuel pump cheers Paul
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    stage 2+ difference

    my m8,s got stage 2+, i have stage 1 and his makes mine look like a corsa :lmfao: his runs 12.7 1/4 mile, defo the way to go
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    Poor service from audi dealer

    Hey just a wee post to let people know bout the poor service i had from ayr audi, i have a S3 08 plate, had a problem with my DMF, ayr audi took the gearbox out on monday, picked the car up on wed nite with a new dmf and clutch kit fittted as they said the dmf had excess play, lastnite was...
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    DMF help please

    Hey get my car bk 2moz, ayr audi fitted a new clutch and flywheel under warranty , so they tell me the faults fixed