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    Anyone else seen there insurance premiums jump A LOT from last years!?

    As per title have any of you peeps seen your insurance renewal for this year go through the roof? Mine is up for renewal later this month, and yesterday I had the letter through from my insurer (post office) with my renewal for this year and compared to last year there's been a hike in price of...
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    2.0 ltr TDI Oil service, what's it gonna cost me at the dealers?

    Just wondering on the above as mine is due its 1st service this month and I'm wondering. What the dealers are gonna want to hit me for price wise!? I'm thinking around (low side preferably!) of £150, and at that I'd like to think I could have a pollen filter popped In too possibly! Does that...
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    2.0ltr TDI 177 ( sorry yes another MPG related thread!)

    Sorry in advance if this is a sore point that has been covered ad nauseum over n over again, but I have a wee question (MPG related), basically the MPG I'm seeing is off compared to what I'd like to think it "should" be. I have read a few threads about what some of you are getting and how the...
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    iPod with MMI, slightly annoying issue

    Hi folks, Had a quick look with the search function so hopefully this hasn't already been covered/answered (if it has and I missed it I apologise!) Basically I have an ongoing issue with using my iPod in my car, & I'm wondering if this is a common issue & if so is there a known fix? The...
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    Another newbie!

    Hello all, My names Matt and I'm based in chesterfield, bought myself a lovely new A4 2.0ltr TDI black Ed 177 a few months back and have finally decided to join a forum as from previous experience (with other/previous Marques) I know how great and helpful they can be. Loving the car for the...