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    S3 8p Pre Facelift Grill

    Some helmet has reversed into my car and driven off, cracked my grill down the side and around the S3 badge, due to get rid of the car soon, anyone have for sale a replacement either new or used or could point me in the direction of where I can pick one up for decent money. Cheers!
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    Wheel bearings

    My rear left wheel bearings appear to have given up and im stuck with a pretty horrible droning noise, anyone who has had the same issues recommend me a place to pick up some new ones, or if you would be so kind as to post up a link to some decent quality ones, had a browse around the net don't...
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    Droning Noise.

    When I'm under engine braking with my foot off the loud pedal, I have a droning noise coming from somewhere, first thought was tyres as my front 2 were due a change, that's been done and I've still got it. Looking around/under the car my left rear arch seems an inch or so 'lower' than my right...
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    Need some new ones for my S3, stuck between two at the moment... Tyre Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 225/40 R18 92Y XL - Tyre Leader Tyre Pirelli PZero Rosso Asimmetrico 225/40 ZR18 92Y XL, N0 - Tyre Leader had f1's on when i bought it so im swaying towards them again, any negatives to the...
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    RS4 AVANT Ilkley

    Leaving Ilkley up towards addingham roundabout ;) anyone on here?
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    Boost problem

    In the last few days I've noticed the car holds back as I climb up the revs in boost for a second or two and then pulls again, doesn't seem to happen all the time but when it does it's usually 3rd gear around 3k revs, anyone encountered the issue or have any suggestions, its a 2008 S3 totally...
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    ESP fault.

    Pulled out of a junction quite quickly this morning, "ESP fault" popped up on the DIS, immediately pulled into a car park I was passing sat idle for 5 minutes or so, turned the car off for 2 minutes, waited, started again still there had somewhere to be so I nursed it out the car park back onto...
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    2008 S3 Grill

    As someone appears to have reversed into me and not bothered to hang around I'm on the lookout for a new Grill for my pre facelift S3. What options do I have don't really like the Chrome surround grill, looking for something more like the RS3 grill but I can't seem to find one that will 100%...
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    Pedestrian access

    Good evening chaps looking for a little bit of info with regards to property access, Moved into a new house with a 'shared' drive which basically entitles me to access only to my property and no parking, it is what it is and I have to live with that however for the past 2/3 weeks the 'neighbour'...
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    Coolant + EML, please help :(

    Having browsed here for a while I've decided to register although unfortunately for help with my poorly s3 :( car is a 2008 S3, with around 42,000 on the clock, owned it for 6 months all was fine and dandy until this afternoon jumped in after work and the DIS told me my coolant was low...