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    Bouncing idle problem

    Hi Guys Having an issue with my idle. When driving around its fine, as soon as i come to a stop my rev's drop to around 500 mark then bounce back to 1k mark. Its does this for a few seconds and then fine. It does this everytime i stop. Its not stalled but getting very close. I've tried...
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    Audi A3 rear speakers

    Hi Guys One of my rear speakers has gone pop does anyone know the size of the speakers in an A3 99 reg 3 door. Also can you get to the speaker without taking the whole door card off. cheers Si
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    65535 internal control module memory error

    Hi guys had this come up on my hand held scanner anyone have any idea whats its to do with printed out what is on wiki.ross-tech but still none the wiser. any help would be great. cheers
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    CC Tuning

    Hey guys not been on for a while not bore you with the details why. just wondering if anyone has had any dealing's with CC tuning in Derby cheers
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    Snapped cable

    Hi all the cable to tilt my passenger seat forward to allow people to get into the back has snapped does anyone know where or how to get it fixed cheers
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    Golf rear suspension

    Hi guys does anyone know if the rear suspenion to a x reg mk4 golf 2,0 GTi is the same as a 99 plate A3 1.8ts. its just the struts not the springs
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    Whats wrong

    Hi guys Last week i filled up with petrol then 10 mins later it gained a lumpy idle over the weekend i checked the plugs and checked the coil packs, disconneted each individually and 1, 2 and 4 when disconnected the engine got worse and on 3 it stayed the same, swapped the coilpack with one we...
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    lumpy idle

    Hi everyone Just drove to work this morning got about 10 mins away my 1.8t decides it'll only run on 3 cyclinders and is very lumpy when on idle. could this be the coilpack issue if not what else could it be. also how much does it normally cost to fix cheers
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    Need A massive favour

    Hi guys need a favour i'm half way through doing my suspension fitted the back no problems. Came to fitting the front and hit a problem and this is where i need the favour i can't get the bolt on top of the strut off as i don't have a 21mm cranked ring spanner and can't get hold of one...
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    Rear Calipers

    Hi all does anyone know if the A3 98 1.8t shares the rear calipers with any other vag cheers
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    Temp sensor

    HI guys just had a look at my temp sensor as since I’ve fitted a new one my temp gauge hasn’t work, should the plug be a tight fit as mine just pulls off without pressing the release clip and I doesn’t look like its even going all the way on. Just a thought did the facelift come with a different...
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    Whats on your Ipod

    After a random road trip and having to listen to my mates ipod, was wondering what guilty pleasue's do people have on there ipod. Also what songs are an absolute must songs do you have. everyone i've spoken to all seem to have House of pain - jump around
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    Wiring Recaros

    I'm Going to attemp to wire my recaros this weekend, has anyone done this yet. Not very mechical minded and getting my dad to help just want to make sure i have everything before i start. So what will i need, which type of wire? how long? and what conectors are they? and anything else people...
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    Life after Audi

    I'm always on the look out for my next car not that i'm not happy with my A3 i love it just want more. Every day another car gets added to my list and with me only being 26 never having kids i've got quite a broad market to look to only down side i'm looking for a house. a couple off my list...
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    Error Codes

    Hi all as my A3 has just made the magical 100k mark though i'd check to see if i have any errors and it's has 3 errors. wondered if anyone could help with how to solve them 16502/P0118/000280 - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (G62): Signal too High 01218 - Side Airbag Igniter; Front...
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    Aero wipers

    Hi all Firstly what are they, i need some new wipers front and rear so thought i'd get some as most people recommend them. where can i get them from and does anyone have any pics of them fitted to there car cheers
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    Damaged Recaro

    Hi peeps my passenger front seat is missing a part is there anywhere that does spare's or does anyone have a spare part. instead of trying to describe the part here's a pic cheers evereyone
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    Snapped key Emergency

    Last night i snapped my key luckly not in the car just in my pocket. went home to get my spare and which i'm guessing is my master key. My spare key had a flat battery so swapped the blade with the broken one. But still didn't work. It's starts but then the immoberliser kicked in so tried the...
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    Neuspeed Induction Kit

    Hi Guys i'm thinking of getting either Neuspeed P-FLO™ Induction Kit or a Carbonio Cold Air Intakes. Has anyone got either and are they any good. Now i know there's been a few dissucions on induction kits. but the neuspeed has the heat sheild but uses a K&N filter which has the oil on it. And...
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    Coolant temp sensor

    Hi been told my coolant temp sensor is knackered got me a new one but where the hell does it go. tried haynes manual but that norrowed it down to it's under the bonnet. oh yeah it's for a A3 1.8t cheers