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  1. maxS3uk

    Statller ???

    Does anyone know the address for Statller??... the website is still under construction so doesn't have much info :( I might pop in there on Friday I reckon as I'm going out that way... i know couple of you guys have been and said how good they are! :thumbsup:
  2. maxS3uk

    S3 Exhaust System

    What exhaust systems are available for the S3 at the moment? I know there is the Milltek system, but I'm not a fan of the tailpipes, can they put on a pipe design of your choice? Plus i've heard of of quality issues with Milltek products. So what other options is there on the market? Could...
  3. maxS3uk

    Sound after GIAC remap???

    I had the GIAC Hammer remap done at GTI International... ...And the the sound from the engine bay is different :blink: I know I've read somewhere that the sound does change but what exactly has changed? Is it the turbo? Sounds GOOD anyway :yes: not sure how to describe it though, sounds like a...
  4. maxS3uk

    Off Your Marks Detailer - Phantom Black Audi S3 8P

    Just thought I'd post up few photos of the job Matt at Off Your Marks ( did on my Audi S3 after the dealers and their 'Audi Approved' Paint Specialist ruined my paintwork... Full story here - BEFORE...
  5. maxS3uk

    My New S3 - Sorted by matt @ Off Your Marks

    Hello all, signed up few months ago when I got my 08 Audi S3 in Phantom Black. But had few problem with the paintwork and the garage repair job but eventually got it sorted by Matt at Off Your Marks ( Heres the long story lol After few days of having the car I...
  6. maxS3uk

    S3 Ordered...

    Hey guys! Been browsing boards for couple of weeks, so thought i'd best sign up now as I'll soon be owner of a S3 :icon_thumright: pick it up 1st March, its already at dealers waiting for me! And I cant wait! Got a Civic Type R at the min, which I'm trading in... looking forward to the Audi! Mike