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    Looking at a 2.8 Quatro

    Hey guys. I am looking to replace my TDi as soon as the turbo is sorted or will let the next owner sort that. I have a budget of 3.5-4.5 k for a new car and I am thinking about a 2.8 quatro (insurance allowing). What should I be looking out for on the 2.8 spec wise and also any comon issues on...
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    Turbo blown?

    Guys my 98 tdi afn 110 is now back in my hands and the head gasket and oil cooler going and the car overheating. Since getting it back there is smoke under hard acceration and seems very slow. I think the turbo has blown but I wanted to check opinions on this. Also when stationary earlier I...
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    Head gasket went pop again! Oil cooler?

    OK the saga continues I got the car back and could tell something was up and then on the 3rd day of use at just about 200 miles it went pop again. Need another head gasket done! The garage have had a look and said it was prolly the oil cooler gone that made the headd gasket go. I need some...
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    Black smoke on tdi after head skimming

    Hey guys, I have just had the head done on my 1.9 tdi after it went. I have noticed that under hard acceration/foot down most of the way I get a fair amount of smoke. But otherwise I don't notice it, also the car is taking 5 seconds or so to start from cold. Before the head went I got a...
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    Update on my Tdi

    Right guys, as you know I have had some trouble with my car from the injector coming unseated properly to the head gasket just failing. I actually went looking for something new for 8-10k and in the end decided to restore my car as what is out there on the new/2 year old market was apauling and...
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    Audi's hard to work on?

    This is just a bit of a general thread but I have started to notice a few things with Audi's or perhaps more specifically the B5 They are a pain in the *** to work on! I just wondered others peoples thought/opinions on them as a car to work on and I would like too point out this may be my...
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    Hissing noise/ blowing air

    Hi guys, My car is a 98 tdi 110 afn engine. I have heard a hissing noise recently and thought it was the recirculator or egr thing. But upon inspection just now I noticed that it was around the injector no.1 (the one nearest the windscreen) and I can feel air blowing out of it. I undid the...
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    A4 style headlights

    Hey guys, Anyone know if anyone has made or are going to make the A5 style headlights with the leds in them? I think they would look awesome for an A4
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    Best light bulb replacements?

    Right, I need to replace my front lights on my stock 98 car. What are the best bulbs to swap for the main lights and side lights? And where/what is needed for clear side repeaters? Thanks in advance, Lewis
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    Sorting out old black paint

    Right, I have got a black B5 A4 that needs some paintwork sorting but I think I can hold out on a machine polish for the moment. But I have some big scratches that I need to sort and a few big chips that are down to metal. Can I first get a recomendation for a paint to use, and then a technique...
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    TDI Tuned owners - info/feedback

    Guys, I am looking for some info and feedback on your AFN tdi's and more specifically mods that you have carried out and the difference they have made. I have an afn110 engine and have got a chip and larger nozzles and both improved torque and bhp but not as much as I would of liked. I know the...
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    Problem changing rear pads

    Guys just looking for some advice as I am about 10 mins or at least I should be froom finishing the job of changing my rear brake pads. I have done the passenger side rear pads with no problems. But on drivers side I have done everything including pushing the caliper piston back in but I can...
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    Buy a 2.8 a nick the parts?

    Guys, I want to get some new bits for my interior. I want leather seats, leather steering wheel and gear knob. I also want some 17/18 inch alloys. I am thinking of getting a b5 2.8 and just swapping all the nice bits onto my A4 and then selling it back on again loosing only a bit of money on...
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    Changing the radiator

    Hmm just looking at changing the radiator on my 98 tdi but unsure on the best way to change it as I am not keen on pulling off the tensioner belt. Is there anyway just to pull the unit straight up? Thanks, Lewis
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    Help removing bumper

    Guys I need help removing the bumper on my 98 tdi so I can replace the radiator. I have removed the undertray, the bolts near the grill, and the bolts in the wheel arch liner. The bumper will move about an inch but it will not come off, any chance of some details advice if there is a technique...
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    Help, loosing water!!!!

    Hi guys, I have a 98 A4 tdi 110 and I am loosing water so looking for some help and advise. OK basically as said My car is going through all its coolant water within 300-400 miles if I left it, but I am topping it up every 2 days. I am trying to find a leak and I am strugling as the car is...
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    Swapping power and rear speaker!

    Hey guys I have got a no name hu off ebay which so far is so good! But I need to swap the wiring over on the power, but unsure which wires these are. Also the rear speakers are not working atm, which I assume is down the the audi amp, which wire do I piggy back from on the original loom to...
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    Larger nozzles

    I just want to check something regarding the larger nozzles I now have in my a4 tdi. When I alter the fueling do I want it closer to 5 mg/r or 3 mg/r atm it is at 4.8
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    Clogged inlet manifold?

    As per my other post my car is loosing power somewhere and I am trying to track it down. Can the inlet manifold on the turbo being clogged affect performance by say upto or more then 10bhp? I got access to the top earlier and got alot of soot / crap out of it however taking the whole manifold...
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    How to tell when suspension is going?

    Hey all I have a 98 a4 b5 tdi (I will make a sig at somepoint) On the motorway this mornin going over some joints in the road the car seems to lean slightly mroe to the front right then the other corners. Also possible linked to this is the fact that it makes a clicking sound when on full lock...