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  1. Flying Scotsman


    Sir, I have followed your posts for over three years and the informed quality of your free knowledgeable advice to other members is stunning. You are a star and on behalf of other members....Thank you.
  2. Flying Scotsman

    Facelift S3 alloys to RS6 style alloys

    Here are some pics of my S3 with often threatened change of alloys.....Finally took the plunge with a fitted cost of about 1,50 quid. I really like them and they are way easier to clean than my originals.
  3. Flying Scotsman

    Think your S3 is expensive?

    If you do take a gander at this price!!!
  4. Flying Scotsman

    2019 RS5 sportback

    Here is a link to the introduction of RS5 at the NY Auto Show. Yanks get it first and Europe later on
  5. Flying Scotsman

    Facelift What would you want to see in the redesigned 2019 model

    On the A3 design, I would like to see a modest increase in overall length ( 3") and 1" in width. More rear headroom and legroom. A grill that is more integrated, somewhat like the TT design. New seats that are more supportive, redesigned dash, but no touchscreen, lots of luck on that want, as...
  6. Flying Scotsman

    Facelift Advanced Key Oh S**T

    Well wee Dougie's tribulations continue. Last Friday just after the cracked windscreen was replaced due to large stone. I go to my car in the pouring rain open the rear door and dump my "man bag" :blink: comments please! .... in the rear seat. Close the door and the locks go clunk...
  7. Flying Scotsman

    Facelift Rob2k68

    @Rob2k68 ....Rob I know you are lurking out there mate.....How are the new wheels? I/we miss your knowledgeable and helpful inputs on this site, plus your sparkling repartee. Also, did you sell off all your S3 goodies ( just so the moderators do not move this thread :smile new: ) Soooooooo fill...
  8. Flying Scotsman

    Facelift A day to forget

    Last Wednesday I had a day to forget. The underground garage in the building I live in was broken into and 6 cars had their passenger windows smashed and their interiors rifled for goodies. Mine had a USB charge/sync cable and a pair of leather gloves stolen and it was the same for the other...
  9. Flying Scotsman

    Facelift Alloy wheel thoughts

    I am seriously thinking of dumping my standard 19" FL rims with BBS SX 19 18.5 46 ET bright silver finish. Why? The standard wheel is a PITA to clean especially behind the U spoke at the base of the rim, the medium grey colour with diamond cut and overall design shape is not that appealing in...
  10. Flying Scotsman

    RS3 Canadian Pricing

    Here is Canadian pricing for an RS3 Maybe that will make you place your order than so here's the order guide... Prices are in CDN... Base: 62,900$ 1,750$ Audi RS fixed suspension (replaces the magnetic suspension), carbon fiber engine cover, 280km/h top speed limiter 850$ Exterior mirror in...
  11. Flying Scotsman

    S3 Pano-Roof Area Detailing

    Could someone please give me some detailing advice for detailing the highly glossed black area that borders the pano-roof glass opening. I assume that it could be highly prone to swirl with the wrong polish. What do you guys recommend just a wax/polish with very low abrasives or ? Thanks, Dougie
  12. Flying Scotsman

    Facelift Tyre pressures

    I have done a wee bit of research on tyre pressures for an S3 19" mag ride. Unfortunately in North America sticker door pressures are shown for full load conditions only and are 42 psi (2.9 bar) front and rear. I prefer less understeer and was thinking of around 39 psi (2.7 bar ) front and 36...
  13. Flying Scotsman

    New Possible Emissions Scandal to Petrol Engines

    Read the following article, this could be ominous news for Audi
  14. Flying Scotsman

    Facelift S3 2017 review

    Here is an American mag review of the facelift. Note that it is a review on USA models which offer only two base spec models (saloon only) which are pretty loaded and that the engine and transmission are unchanged at 292HP and 6 speed DSG. The findings are pretty bang on for the merits of an S3...
  15. Flying Scotsman

    Facelift Oil temperature gauge

    I know the V/C display can show both water and oil temperature, but does the facelift S3 analog display still have the oil temperature buried stupidly in the lap timer display, or?