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    The stock Market

    My god, it's infuriating! Good RNS, with good room for growth, opens on the previous close and finishes down! come on! Those chimps in the eurozone are messing up my money making! And I don't have the capital, or I should say am not prepared to accept the exposure spread betting the FTSE!
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    How much? Votex spoiler

    Right fellas, Having a clear out, got a votex rear spoiler and fitting kit among other things, which never got used. Cannot for the life of remember how much I paid for it. Any suggestions how much it's worth? And any clues how much it will be to post, as I've never sent anything like that by...
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    Where do you get your car serviced?

    I was thinking, there's so often the 'can anyone recommend somewhere near .......' So how about people post the good garages, and warn people of bad ones (please don't use this to slam a garage after a bad experience, but just to make people aware you had an issue) Mods, you may think this...
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    Help in cambs

    Afternoon fella's, Anyone in Cambridge area able to reset the service light on an S4? Posting on behalf of a freind, so if anyone can help I'll pm you his number. Cheers!
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    Rs3 rep anyone?

    AUDI RS3 REPLICA DSG WHITE 265 BHP ,A3 S3 GTI M3 TT S R | eBay Ok, maybe not the best example LMAO!
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    Waiting for my Geneva L iPod dock!

    Well due to flying the nest, and moving out the parents, I had to re think my stereo and music collection. The flats not big enough for all my cd's and stereo to come with me, even if I bought bookshelf speakers! I was so impressed with the lossless replay on my iPod through a Russ Andrews...
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    FAO 240 sport owners

    Evening Gents, Ive got a quick question. Im thinking of trading in my A3, as ive now had it 3 years, and fancy a change. The sport fits everything i want (the one without buckets as 'the boss' would complain everytime we had a long journey, or to the shops :P ) But ive one minor concern and...
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    iiite people

    hey, just a quick intro, live/work in cambridgeshire, im 20, drive a 54 a3 2.0tdi.