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    new rear bumper

    Absolute bargain of the week!:yahoo:
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    RNS-E Fitting

    Hi mate.You need 32 pin av connector from Audi. Part no 130 972 977 4 pin flat contact housing Part no 8E0 973 754. Hope this helps mate
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    Been offered a swap deal...For Black Edition A3 Would you do it??

    The difference between the cr engine and older one is chalk and cheese mate! Just comes down to personal opinion,but I've had both and once you have driven facelift version...... hard to go back!(my opinion) lol
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    Rattling Window (S3 10 Plate)

    Got this on my 2009 black edition.Doing my head in as well!!
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    Do I go S-Line or Black Edition?

    Fully loaded black edition all day long!
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    Door Unlocking Problem

    Hi mate.Had the same problem with drivers door on my 2009 A3 TDI 170 BE Went into Audi under warranty and they replaced broken wire in door panel. Hope this could be a help to you.
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    Courtesy Cars

    Took my 09 A3 BE in for central locking fault. They gave me A6 3.0tdi Quattro Allroad dsg with 190 miles on the clock! What a beautiful driving car. What's other people had?
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    Detailing Sample box offer

    Just like to say a big thank you to Ben for sorting our detailing goodies out.Much appreciated mate.
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    Detailing Sample box offer

    Thanks Ben,pmd address details and looking forward to the box of tricks.:applaus:
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    Detailing Sample box offer

    Thanks Munch.cant wait for that little box of goodies.:sm4: keep us posted mate
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    poor boys Black Hole

    Hi mate. i use black hole on my Panther black black edition. Top this with either nattys blue,or autoglym hd wax. Both of these give stunning finish and are easy to apply and buff.
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    Detailing Sample box offer

    Mine paid as well....Transaction 7UW170847S1881348
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    Detailing Sample box offer

    Hi mate,can u add me to the list please.. Cheers
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    Leather Treatment

    enjoy....and smell that goodness lol.
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    Leather Treatment

    Gliptones mate.Quality product and what a smell!
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    New Member...

    Welcome mate and nice of the best colours by far. Found people on here very knowledgeable and friendly.
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    Hi Nigel. Have tried two pms to yourself but when I submit it.... It says no sent messages! Sorry mate, not used to computers.:sly:
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    Thank you Sandra :sly:
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    Have I had enough posts mate?
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    I knew that a few changes would be needed mate,but might have to save some shackles lol