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  1. Stevier88

    The s3 is....Gone

    Well after 4 years the s3 is gone! Never intended to keep it as long as I did but there was nothing jumping out at me that made me want to change. Even to this day I still get comments on the car, still think the saloon is one of the best looking Audi’s. Got a good trade in and walked away with...
  2. Stevier88

    Any regrets moving to Audi?

    Not for me. And if I was set on an s3 no I wouldn't settle for a BMW. Each to their own though eh.
  3. Stevier88

    Any regrets moving to Audi?

    Go to another dealership mate. Can't fault an entire brand or let it put you off the S3 from one bad dealer experience. I had months of grief from Glasgow Audi that would be enough to put anyone off for life. Went to another dealer albeit 40 min drive away but service has been great. Would also...
  4. Stevier88

    Thinking of keep S3 long term

    Never thought I would but find myself in the same position. Was going to keep it for 3 years absolute max,was ready to pull the trigger on an s5 but just couldn't fall in love with that front end. Ordered a velar that was due for delivery last month but cancelled that as well. S3 definitely...
  5. Stevier88

    Audi RS3 8V Grill Replacement

    ah did you go OEM? im sure audi were looking for about £600 for an OEM one. Picked one up off ebay for £250 a year and a half ago but the seller doesn't seem to be available anymore. Other option is picking one up with the silver lower insert and maybe wrap it.
  6. Stevier88

    Audi RS3 8V Grill Replacement

    I don’t believe so. There is a different style pre face lift grill with the Quattro at the bottom which I have.
  7. Stevier88

    Audi RS3 8V Grill Replacement

    Thanks mate I’ll have a look. How was the quality? There’s a few stockists however in China and doesn’t look that great.
  8. Stevier88

    Audi RS3 8V Grill Replacement

    That would be great thanks mate.
  9. Stevier88

    Audi RS3 8V Grill Replacement

    Gents, anyone who has purchased an RS3 (pre facelift) grill for their 8v A/S3 can you tell me where you got it from? I need to replace mine after someone reversing into it but cannot find any UK stock. The only UK stockist I seen has just run out. cheers, S.
  10. Stevier88

    Facelift Rust on rear hubs

    Yes. Happens to the majority as the hubs aren't coated. Best to get them painted.
  11. Stevier88

    Audi S3 FL mpg problem

    17mpg seems about right booting it about. Similar figures to mine seeing what it would be in dynamic work journey does seem a bit low if about 16-18, I get about 26-28, rarely gets to mid 30's even on long journeys 250 is also a standard tank for me (shell V power) as well including some...
  12. Stevier88

    Rear ended.

    Had near enough the same accident rear ended by a woman on a jammed motorway. apparently her foot 'slipped' off the clutch :blahblah1: damage was a bit worse, no more sinister damage just a new bumper. Initially her insurance contacted me with approved body shops. Contacted my insurance and...
  13. Stevier88

    New member

    2) Metallic tin rattle is normal, you don't hear it when you get used to it 3) I cant remember if the USB was an accessory option, I don't have one I've got the AMI cable for charging 5) Not really any need to condition modern leather seats, clean with gliptons cleaner then protect with...
  14. Stevier88

    Don't moan about the S3 insurance guys!

    28, 3 years no claims, 3 points, driving 8 years...s3 insurance was £600. 29, 4 years no claims, no points, driving 9 is £1000 :wtf:
  15. Stevier88

    DTUK Tuning Box and TC issues

    Fully aware of the consequences mate, but not had an issue with the warranty work my dealer has been fine with it and hasn't reported it as part of the warranty to audi as obviously it would be a resounding no. They don't suspect the box has anything to do with the issues. Didn't launch it...
  16. Stevier88

    DTUK Tuning Box and TC issues

    sounds identical to what I'm having at the moment mate everything replaced and still the same, struggled to find out what's causing it and took a while to even suggest what may be causing it as it would happen sporadically. Be interesting to see how you get on. I'm going to take it off and do...
  17. Stevier88

    New A5 Regret / Advice?

    Seems like you kind of already know what to do but the desire of just having the s5 is taking over. pretty big hit on a car that's not 100% the spec you wanted, tail end of your budget and no warranty. I personally think chopping in on a PCP so soon is madness and makes no sense, you're...
  18. Stevier88

    Car Wrapped

    Wrapping would vary quite a bit dependant on size of car, colour of wrap, type of wrap etc. I would stay well clear of any place offering a cheap wrap, far too many risks involved and potential damage to the paintwork that you wont know until you take it off. If you're worried about protecting...
  19. Stevier88

    DTUK Tuning Box and TC issues

    I didn't buy the box from dtuk I bought it from a member on here so been a bit hesitant to go to them directly with it.
  20. Stevier88

    DTUK Tuning Box and TC issues

    Gents, anyone with the DTUK tuning box fitted had any traction control issues to date? I have been having TC issues for a while now, TC light flickering, front wheel judder from both a rolling start and launching the car. It has been into audi 4 times now with the issues, haldex pump and all...