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    Rear wiper gone crazy!!

    My rear wiper on my audi a3 has decided to play up. When i activate the rear wiper it operates fine and then decides to get stuck and once i flick the wiper indicator arm it starts operating again? I've also noticed the rear wiper will come on when its off? Any ideas on what can be causing this?
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    audi a3 170pd remap

    Can anyone recommend a good tuning company that knows how to remap an 06 Audi a3 170 PD without causing any issues with the dpf? Been searching on the net and cant find anything? Apparently Awesome gti can't do the 170 pd's :no:
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    recommended quality car battery

    My car battery is on its way out and I was wondering whats the best quality battery I can get for my 2.0 tdi any recommendations :whistle2:
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    bi xenon programming vcds

    Managed to program bi xenons and everything working apart from there's a warning light appeared for auto leveling and my car doesn't have one. Whats the correct coding to have the light removed Cheers
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    Anyone with Full vcds in manchester area??

    Is there anyone in the Manchester area that has the full VCDS and can come to me?:uhm:
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    Audi a3 tdi 170 DPF issues

    I've heard alot of bad things about the DPF getting clogged up and causing the car to go in limp mode. If anyone has had the DPF removed have they noticed smoke when accelerating and does it feel any different in terms of power/mpg?
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    List all the best VCDS programming features

    So what are the best features you can program using the VCDS Here's one am going to start with 1.cominghomelights - Audi Retrofit....
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    Number plate leds installed

    I've installed xenon led number plate bulbs so i thought i'll post a pic on here ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
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    HID's fog lights

    Am thinking of fitting HID kit for the fog lights and was wondering if it would cause any problems in regards to any electrical faults?
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    Whats the Best way to get a show room shine

    This question has probably been answered so many times, The colour of my car is lava grey and am trying to get the deep shine from my car and have tried so many products but nothing seems to work :( I basically need to know whats the best shampoo and wax i can use and useful tips on washing the car
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    Audi a3 8p2 xenons

    Hi all I know this has been covered so many times :wacko:.. How much can I buy a pair of used xenon headlights for my 2006 A3 s-line? I dont have the knowledge to fit bi-xenons so just prefer the easier route of getting the single xenon headlights? Cheers Kal