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    What's My Boost Gauge Telling Me?

    I'm having intermittent problems with boost at the moment but I'm in the middle of trying to sort all that out. If I rev the car in neutral the boost gauge vacuum reading will never reach zero, only slightly moves and I'm certain it should reach zero when revved even whilst under no load...
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    Sudden boost increase

    My apy s3 lastnight for whatever reason decided to increase the boost for no apparent reason. The car usually boosts around 0.7-0.8 bar but lastnight under hard load jumped to 1.1bar and then backed off to around 1bar. It did this for a few minutes and then settled down. Today the car seemed to...
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    Can anyone identify this car?

    A friends land rover was vandalised lastnight but was fortunately caught on CCTV! However, the image quality isnt great and isnt helped by the infrared night time operation, would anyone be able to identify the make and model of this car? We have a few ideas but any help would be great! Thanks...
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    What shade of silver for alloys?

    Evening all, new tyres arrive tomorrow for the s3 and I'm going to refurb the alloys as well. There standard 17inch avus wheels and the car is silver. They have had some poor attempt of a colour change before to a light anthracite colour but I'm thinking that I shall go back to silver to keep...
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    Vacuum reading

    The vacuum reading on my boost gauge reads 0.8ish on idle but if I rev the engine whilst stationary it only rises to around 0.6 whereas I'm sure they are meant to go to 0? Am I right in what I am thinking? If so any ideas as to what may cause this issue? Thanks
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    Boost gauge readings

    I have just installed my boost gauge and before fitting it all permanently I have it a test run which show the vacuum on idle reaching 0.2bar, from what I have seen this is rather low? Is there any reason for this? Thanks
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    Turbo dimension question

    Before I remove my TIP to get a definitive answer, does anyone know the size of the compressor housing inlet in which the TIP clamps too? Undertaken a little project and would just be handy to know the size of it without having to take mine off! Thanks
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    Door lock problem

    The problem started this morning when i arrived at work and went to lock my car and nothing happened. Anyway i quickly diagnosed this as the graphite wheel in the pump for the central locking had shattered into pieces. Ive got a repair kit on order so that issue is taken care of. The windows...
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    Starting issues

    The other day I replaced the PCV hose under the inlet manifold and replaced with a silicone one due to my old one being ripped wide open. Since then including the first straight after fitting the car has been slow to start. It cranks a few times then fires up but momentarily starts at about...
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    New S3 owner ( few pics of my old cars )

    Evening all, picked up my 8L S3 last week and so far loving the ownership bar a few niggles! Im from the Wirral so look forward to seeing a few fellow members about! Here's a couple of pictures of my other cars just to pass some time! First car was a 1.4 Clio which I loved greatly haha...
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    Treated my injectors.

    After recently buying my S3 I am now started to sort things out with regards getting a good basis to improve the power to Stage 2. Started things off today by giving the injectors a once over so here is the process : Initial ultra sonic cleaning to remove all the "gunk" Into the next...
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    Facelift headlight upgrade

    Evening all, New to the world of s3's so please bare with me! Im looking to upgrade my pre facelift headlights to facelift and I've found these on ebay : AUDI A3 8L 00-03 HEADLAMPS HEADLIGHTS PAIR BRAND NEW | eBay I've had a look on here and from what I can gather these will fit with the...