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  1. Stevier88

    The s3 is....Gone

    Well after 4 years the s3 is gone! Never intended to keep it as long as I did but there was nothing jumping out at me that made me want to change. Even to this day I still get comments on the car, still think the saloon is one of the best looking Audi’s. Got a good trade in and walked away with...
  2. Stevier88

    Audi RS3 8V Grill Replacement

    Gents, anyone who has purchased an RS3 (pre facelift) grill for their 8v A/S3 can you tell me where you got it from? I need to replace mine after someone reversing into it but cannot find any UK stock. The only UK stockist I seen has just run out. cheers, S.
  3. Stevier88

    DTUK Tuning Box and TC issues

    Gents, anyone with the DTUK tuning box fitted had any traction control issues to date? I have been having TC issues for a while now, TC light flickering, front wheel judder from both a rolling start and launching the car. It has been into audi 4 times now with the issues, haldex pump and all...
  4. Stevier88

    S5 coupe sooner than expected

    So after coming from an A5 coupe which i loved i said i wanted an S5. Decided not to go for the facelift s5 as it was too similar to my pre facelift a5 and hearing that a new platform was going to be relased i decided to get an s3 saloon to tide me over until the new S5 was released. Plan was...
  5. Stevier88

    The all new a5/s5 coupe

    Managed to catch a bit of the world premier of the new a5/s5 coupe release. Having always loved the 5 range since it was released in 2007 I have been waiting patiently to see the new gen coming from a pre facelift a5 I wanted to get another but held off when I heard a new platform would be...
  6. Stevier88

    Advice needed

    Looking for some advice on the following issue bare with me gents. The s3 is back in to Glasgow Audi for the 6th time in 7months of ownership. This time I was getting a free wheel refurb after my haldex packed in resulting in me damaging the alloys. Few weeks ago I noticed the side skirt had...
  7. Stevier88

    Saloon paint correction

    So after doing a stage 2 correction a few weeks ago while washing the car I noticed the paint still had some pretty bad marring that only showed up in the sunlight. So it gave me the excuse to get some new stuff and carry out another polish. Applied menzerna super finish by DA Applied angelwax...
  8. Stevier88

    Goodyear Eagle F1 Grip

    I changed my tyres over on the s3 from the contis to goodyear eagle F1's, first impressions were great, reduced road noise, better grip and felt a lot smoother. Over the past few weeks i have started to notice quite a bit of wheel spin from the front wheels but only when i have the wheels turned...
  9. Stevier88

    Suspension mount replacement S3

    Has anyone needed their suspension mounts replaced? Please forgive the long post/rant I started to notice a loud thud coming from the back passenger side of my s3 saloon 2 days after pick up. I had smaller wheels on my previous car so initial thoughts were its just a harsher ride. After it...
  10. Stevier88

    S3 centre consol scratches help!

    So the misses has a habit of putting her bag on the centre consol when shes taking things out of it and has scratched the centre consol on my new s3 8V! nothing major and can only see them in certain light and angles but it drives my OCD mad knowing they're there. Does anyone know any products...
  11. Stevier88

    S3 Springs/dampers are going

    So i've had my s3 saloon for just over a month now and love it, but its not without its flaws. one being the suspension! i read about the so called 'bounce' on the s3's but didnt think it would be any worse than my previous a5 s line suspension, but oh was i wrong. going over a bump anything...
  12. Stevier88

    Trade-in advice

    So the wait is almost over, got a call from my dealer last week and my s3 saloon has arrived and ready for pick up on the 1st of september from stirling audi. The original plan was to trade in my a5 to audi but i have had a better off through wewantanycar so i'm going to trade it in with them...
  13. Stevier88

    Carwow vs dealer price

    So I've seen a few members have went through carwow and got a price and got the dealer to match it. Out of curiosity I priced up the exact same spec I currently have on my s3 saloon order and is coming in £2700 cheaper! I have a build week of 31 which is next week I believe with 1st September...
  14. Stevier88

    Loner until car delivered

    Hi guys, Iv'e been given a build week of 31 on my s3 saloon so looking like mid september delivery. I still have finance outstanding on my a5 and negative equity due to a steep dive in depreciation, nothing major about £200 to settle. I know there will be a few more payments until i pick up...
  15. Stevier88

    New member new s3 saloon

    Hi guys, new to the forum after doing some lurking. Just placed my order a few weeks ago for my new s3 saloon. Build week 31 so should have it mid September if all goes well. Decided to go for: Sepang blue 19'' - alloys S tronic Comfort pack Interior Light pack Front and rear parking sensors...