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    Are we having the correct side mirrors?

    Talking to one other member in the OzAudi forum about the side mirrors on our S1. Driver side's mirror has a split for wider view and the objects in the mirror seem to be "smaller", the passenger side just a normal mirror. I thought it is rather "unusaual" as it should be the other way round...
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    Where is the foot rest?

    Went to the local Audi dealership to confirm the order on my wife's S1, had a quick look inside one of S1 in the show room, noticed there isn't a "foot rest plate" next to the clutch pedal...There is a sort of "space" to rest the foot but it isn't covered by the floor mat/carpet, so it would...
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    Just Joined

    Good Day everyone, just joined up. Put a deposit down on a S1 yesterday, wife took the test car back today, the local dealer just gave her the key and one hour for a test drive. I had a go round the blocks. It was fast and furious, torque steer was there but manageable, gear changes were swift...