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    Milltek Secondary Cat Bypass

    Keep your knickers on
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    Milltek Secondary Cat Bypass

    An 8P 2.5 TFSI engine would be a far bit more than £5.3k from Audi.
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    Anyone used golf R pretorias on the RS3?

    :busted cop: Spelling Police are here :busted cop:
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    Anyone used golf R pretorias on the RS3?

    It is. Rotars are also the name of the wheels on the RS.
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    RS3 P8 or S3 V8 ...

    Test drive both, and you'll walk away with the RS. The 5 pot engine is what makes it special, however keep in mind the price of an extended warranty which imo is essential for the RS. With the RS it'll keep it's value more than the S3 aswell. Why have a scabby sirlion when you can have prime...
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    Parking Wars!!!!

    Get some of those giant stickers made up that cover half the windscreen and only rip off in tiny pieces. There's a youtube group called 'stop a douchebag' that does it, pretty hillarious.
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    Ordering my RS3 Sedan 2017

    Are you sure it's around 70'00 HKD for the virtual cockpit? Thats around £7k, which is absolutely insane! The car, virtual cockpit and a couple of other essential options and your at £100k. Second hand super car money!
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    Ordering my RS3 Sedan 2017

    After driving a new TT with the virtual cockpit, I'd definitely spec it if i had the option.
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    Looking for Miltek or Scorpion non res cat back, preferably with the ceramic black tips.