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    ACC when approaching stationary traffic - oops !

    Thank you ! As always this forum is so informative.
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    ACC when approaching stationary traffic - oops !

    Really V8 ? it does not detect stationary traffic ?
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    ACC when approaching stationary traffic - oops !

    I use ACC a lot, and I like it. I live in London so I'm pretty much always in traffic, so the stop start feature is great - I have the S-tronic S3 Sportback. I have found recently, that when I'm on an empty stretch of road and the acc is driving at its (say 40mph) setting for a while, it does...
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    Audi s3 8v misfiring and coolant

    Sorry if this is a stupid question.. but I've noticed on a cold start that when I move off the car stutters and judders between gear changes. Is this misfiring ? I ask because I also have the coolant loss problem which will be investigated when the car is serviced next week !!
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    DEF on trip counter

    nope.. The bodywork was repaired after a minor accident by an Audi approved repairer... maybe they did something ?
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    DEF on trip counter

    of my year old S3.. Any idea why ? Doesnt go away !! Thanks
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    Strange Splash On Paintwork & Windscreen

    Thanks all for your advice. Autoglym SRP worked perfectly on the first attempt!
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    Little surprises?

    ACC. In stop start traffic mode it knows when the traffic has started moving and starts the engine, as if it's prompting you to get going
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    Strange Splash On Paintwork & Windscreen

    Thanks for all your responses. Turns out this is actually efflorescence! I park in an underground car park every day, and I think when some water has leaked through the concrete onto my car it took some of the minerals with it. A bit like stalagmites. That explains the screen staining. I used...
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    Strange Splash On Paintwork & Windscreen

    You really think this is bird poo? I've had cars for 20 years and never seen this… I will try that stuff though. Thanks
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    Strange Splash On Paintwork & Windscreen

    Hi guys, No amount of scrubbing can get rid of these stains on my 6 week old s3. I have only used car shampoo so far. Any ideas? Thanks all
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    S3 Oil Use (and a little moan...)

    Doesn't the car tell you when oil is low??!?
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    M vs S on S3 auto

    Hi all. How do I have sports mode in manual? Hit the stick down to S then a paddle? I ask because when I do that then later keep paddle pressed it goes back to D, not S. Thanks guys!
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    Panther black with chrome or Glacier White with black pack 3 door S3

    mine is panther/chrome. I am very happy. i think its a question of undertstated (black) vs bling (white)
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    Missing Radar detector thingy?

    My MY15 s3 has the dome
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    I got it.................!

    Is that Sepang blue? Wow looks ace! Enjoy
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    I hear you all.. but that makes playlists much more of a pain in the *** to get working..
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    Yes but does your SD card have more than 1000 tracks per folder ? my car only reads 1000 tracks in every folder.