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    Facelift Changing wheels.....advice

    I have this exact setup on my PFL RS3. 8.5J all round, 255 at the front 235 at the rear. The rears look a little stretched but it's given me no issues what so ever.
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    Rear end friday

    Sounds really interesting but the web site isn't showing anything at all, just a white page for me :-(
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    AO09 NNN Audi RS3 Project

    I've been tempted to go down this route, but it was hideously expensive as you needed to swap out the mmi too and it was unclear as to what VC functions would work. What was the reason you decided against it?
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    Carbon Fiber Interior Trimming Sedan/SB Update, Final Call & Reconfirm PLS!

    Way to shiny to take decent photos, but if people are interested what they look like fitted ...
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    Carbon Fiber Interior Trimming Sedan/SB Update, Final Call & Reconfirm PLS!

    Hi @larbel, Mine arrived today too. What a day, I picked up my RS3 and have some very shiny carbon bits to decorate it with :-) Thanks once again.
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    Carbon Fiber Interior Trimming Sedan/SB Update, Final Call & Reconfirm PLS!

    Just put down a deposit on a sportback so count me in please.
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    New RS3 2017

    RS4 was spotted going around the ring in April.
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    RS3 Sedan for August 2017

    That's the Audi USA time line. We know that the TTRS is going to be available in Europe this year and that slide shows it as mid next year.
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    Audi connect SIM Card - which one

    Yup normal sized SIM. Just checked the data module in the S4 and since the beginning of December I've used 400MB. I mainly stick to the same area so the maps are probably cached but have been on a few 100+ mile road trips in that time.
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    Audi connect SIM Card - which one

    I'm using a virgin sim only deal which is fine for the UK. If you're looking for hassle free roaming in France then it has to be three as roaming in France just uses your UK allowance, so no extra cost.
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    AndyMac Stealth Sub for 8P completed

    If anyone is interested I've just put one of these kits on ebay, my S3 is going so putting it back to stock. Audi A3 / S3 stealth sub Bose upgrade kit (AMSS) | eBay
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    Retro fitting sat nav

    No, working on an A3 is very simple, you pull out the current unit, install a GPS antenna and maybe a few minor tweaks depending on fitment of Bose, BT etc and then just drop the new unit in. It will also need to be coded using VAGCom or similar, but the parts should be circa £500. The problem...
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    A3 / A5 - different Satnav ?

    Well that would be a great improvement. For my 8L and 8P S3s Audi have charged an arm and a leg for map upgrades. I guess with apps like Google maps available now and cheap sat navs being similar in price to the map discs they can't get away with it any more.
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    A3 / A5 - different Satnav ?

    That's going to be a mapping issue not a problem with the sat nav unit. Audi get their mapping data from a third party and regularly (annually?) release an updated SD card or DVD of maps (there are a few different systems) which you can purchase for a not insignificant sum of money. The A5...
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    8V Cabriolet

    Interesting choice of colour in that photo, sprint blue ? I've seen another article which suggests we may find out more next week. 2014 Audi A3 Cabrio headed to Frankfurt
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    Black Edition

    I think you guys are confusing the black styling pack with a black edition. The 8P A/S3's had the black styling pack from about 2007 but the black edition didn't along until much later. Look where it is on the configurator, it's an option not a trim level ...
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    2013 Audi S3

    As well as the LED headlights the black styling pack is available on the UK configurator for £395. It includes: - Radiator grille frame and radiator grille struts, window trims and console in the side grilles in high-gloss black - Radiator grille, side air intake grilles and number plate holder...
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    Hope I've done the right thing!

    My son goes in the back of my 3 door 8P S3 in his seat assuming the ground is flat. It's a real PITA getting him in when the car is parked on our drive as the slope means the front seats always want to slide back while you're trying to get him in. Fortunately he spends most of his time in my...
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    What have I done !!!

    The 8v is lighter. It also depends on which model you choose though. The current 8v brochure shows that unladen weight varies from 1150KG to 1415KG for a 3 door. (1.2 vs S3 stronic) Finding 8P data seems a little harder, my 2008 brochure doesn't give weights and browsing on the web I can't...
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    2013 Audi S3

    I'm doing the same, I think an order for a 14 plate S3 with LED headlights is looking pretty likely. I wonder if the discount will pick up by then plus when is the Golf R due, that may effect the willingness of the dealers to offer something more?