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  1. Gareth_RS3

    Nearly New S3 Price question

    If you have a look drivethedeal & autoebid are offering good discounts on the 8V S3. I was in the same position as you and ive gone for a used RS3. But there are good deals to be had on a new shape S3, especially with the strong residuals the only thing is your looking at at the earliest january...
  2. Gareth_RS3

    Finally S3 arrived. a busy project day

    Darren where did you get those vmr's from, how much did they set you back if you dont mind me asking? Car looks stunning btw
  3. Gareth_RS3

    About to order a new S3 !! open sky ???

    I thought open sky was for the Sportback only
  4. Gareth_RS3

    Colour change

    suzuka grey deffo, similar effect as ibis with the black bits but bit more special imo
  5. Gareth_RS3

    Newbie Write Up on my new S3

    Gotta love sprint blue looks amazing enjoy mate
  6. Gareth_RS3

    Going for it

    I've had work done there before mate and would recommend them, there not too far away from maidstone either. Revo straight away good stuff
  7. Gareth_RS3

    Best rims for new white s3?

    Think im the only one who isnt too keen on the cks especially the polished version, not for me thanks. The new style RS6's would look great in anthracite i reckon
  8. Gareth_RS3

    Some new pics S3 sportback

    Any interior shots mate? love the two tone red and black i was toying the idea of that interior with suzuka grey or ibis cant make up my ****** mind
  9. Gareth_RS3

    Some new pics S3 sportback

    Looking great mate loving the rs6 wheels. Although tbh your not helping me decide on which colour to order my new s3 in because i was nearly set on sprint until i saw this thanks lol
  10. Gareth_RS3

    S3 vs TTS

    Cheryl yes please Carol yes please TT-S (in ibis white and in coupe form) yes please Oh was behind a TT-RS today when he put his foot down and the noise was very nice :)
  11. Gareth_RS3

    washed my car N8KOW

    looks good mate very OEM +, i would have debadged it compleatly though including the audi badge...
  12. Gareth_RS3

    My little trip to France [Lots of Pics!]

    So is it deffo for the first bank holiday in may, i'll check in with work and let you know if i can get the sat off (which shouldnt be a problem) if i can i'll be there, but the lower the costs could be the better! Has this been posted in the 8l section??? anyone mind?
  13. Gareth_RS3

    My little trip to France [Lots of Pics!]

    stunning photos mate, have you done your sums and worked out how much it cost you yet? oh and i would be very interested in a road trip of this kind keep us posted
  14. Gareth_RS3

    3.2 V6 Insurance - 20 years old

    Im 19 with 5 points (cd10) my and my s3 is insured with elephant for 2500 ive also got two years no claims though which helps and my mum is a named driver which brought it down loads! good luck with the 3.2 as i tried a quote and i found it dearer then the s3 and elephant wouldnt even quote me...