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  1. dancarpy

    Few more ADI pics :)

    Hi guys. Was great meeting some of you on Saturday. Diddnt really meet everybody i was too busy taking pics and video. lol Cant wait for next years ! Defo going on track next year! Anyway heres some pics... Album 1 Album 2
  2. dancarpy

    Vibration after 4k revs ?

    Hi guys I had a new clutch, slave and master fitted last week and everything has been fine apart from the exhaust heatshield catching on the drive shaft but it's all sorted now. Problem is I now have a wierd vibration sound and feeling in the gear stick and the whole car after about 4k rpm...
  3. dancarpy

    Another Wheel Spacers Thread ! :D

    I know there's been about a million threads about wheel spacers but i diddnt find much in the search. I just wanted to know if anybody has tried this kit from the TT shop? TT Shop - 15mm / 20mm Complete Wheel Spacer Kit - Including Bolts and Lockers - Audi TT Coupe and Audi TT Roadster Parts...
  4. dancarpy

    S3 Avus weight ?

    Does anybody know the weight of a single s3 Avus alloy ? with or without tyre ? Just won some on ebay to refurb and spray...but im trying to sort out a courier for postage ? Also while im at it, as anybody else used a courier for sending/receiving alloy wheels ? How much did it cost and who was...
  5. dancarpy

    Squeaky Clutch Pedal !

    :banghead: Can anyone help ? Does anybody else suffer with squeaky clutch or know how to fix it ? Ive put up with it for a few months now put its driving me mad ! Happens mostly when releasing/bringing the clutch up and is a mix of squeak and creak ! Thanks
  6. dancarpy

    S3 and A3 Front Grill ! Help !

    Hi Im looking to de-chrome my S3 Grill but i want to keep my chrome rings and trim incase i want to revert back to standard or for selling purposes ! So iv been looking on ebay for second hand grills and theres a couple of A3 grills up for grabs. But im not sure if the chrome surround/trim...
  7. dancarpy

    s3 mtm in denton, manchester

    S3 8L Dark Blue i think? Tuesday afternoon around 4:00/4:30 pm. Drove past me. not sure if is an mtm but the number plate was *** mtm :drool:
  8. dancarpy

    Audi TT pulled over today ?

    Hi.I was in my work van today when i saw a dark blue TT with a sticker in the window. It was on the M6 between j17/j19 i think....on the hard shoulder with a police car behind it ! :S Anybody on here ?
  9. dancarpy

    Blue A3 at stockport meet...with sticker in windows

    Hey Just wondering who is was on here who i saw at stockport cruise/meet It was a blue A3 .maybe 1.8 or 1.8T or even 1.8TQ ? has stickers in the back passenger windows. Was also parked in front of the blue maserati what is there every week. I was in the black S3 8l not far from...
  10. dancarpy

    Flip up DVD head unit ?

    Hey Just wondering if anybody can recommend a good single din flip up dvd head unit. My budget anything from £300 to £600 I have an S3 8L Was wondering aswell if you can have a double din fitted? or would it result in the console being rebuilt ? Thanks. Dan :salute: :s3addict:
  11. dancarpy

    Drivers Door sensor is not working ! ! !

    Hey I have an S3 2001 When i shut the drivers door the display shows that the door is still open. I have to shut the door 3 or 4 times with force to get the display to show its closed. Wondering if anybody has had this problem or knows where the sensor is or how to fix it ? Thanks . Dan :(...
  12. dancarpy

    Hey everyone ! I am an audi owner at last ! :D

    Hey guys! Just thought id give a hey to everyone. Iv finally got an Audi ! Just bought a Audi S3 8L 2001 Drives amazing, never had that much power before ! haha Anybody got any tips for me ? Im looking to re-map it. Not just yet though, i want to keep it standard for a while. Also do induction...