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    EGR blanking

    Hi people I have a 2tdi 140 cr engine where is best place to put blanking plate and is it a big job, heard your need to remove dpf cause of the egr being right at back of engine? Can you put blanking plate on just before throttle body?
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    egr blank plate

    Hi I've purchased a blanking plate for my 2 ltr tdi 140hp 2010 a3 I'm just wondering does the plate get fitted to the front or rear of egr? Any help your be much appreciated
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    Limp mode issues

    hi I have the Audi A3 2ltr tdi 140hp on a 2010 plate When I go long journeys the car goes into limp mode (coil light flashes and does not get full power) If I pull over switch off ignition and restart, all is back to normal?? This only happens on long motorway journeys, I've had it scanned...
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    my audi black edition

    Hi never posted picture of car so here goes Audi a3 sports back 2011 140bhp mapped to 184 bhp Lowered on ap coilovers, wrapped black roof, rotiform reps 19" 19x 8.5 et 45 on a Avon 225/35/19 modified rear bumper screw
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    Coilover noise

    Hi all recently fitted my coilovers kw's variant 1 the install went perfect, but there's a few things I'd like to clear up 1. When going at very slow speed you can hear movement in the front shocks/top mounts, like there's some play 2. When the car is in the ramp with the wheels off, you can...
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    Audi hands free connectivity issues

    Hi folks, my other half has the audi symphony stereo in her car, it also has the straight bottom multi function steering wheel.....I've went through the stages of trying to connect my iphone but cannot find the audi in my device search??? does this mean its not got the built in Bluetooth??
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    Coilover rear fitting adjuster advice

    Hi folks just bought a set of kw's when fitting the rear spring, does the adjuster sit at the top of the spring or bottom? I.i does it sit in the suspension arm or at the top on the underneath of the chassis
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    FK's or AP's

    What's your thoughts guys??? And girls.....
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    Replica a3/s3 side skirts

    Hi has anyone purchased any rep skirts off eBay? im looking for some feedback on quality and fit
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    Replica skirts

    Hi everyone has anyone purchased any of the a3 8p side skirts off eBay? thinking bout buying them but not sure on quality and fit, i kno there not goin to be anything like the genuine ones, but theres a lot of difference in price. Any comments on this?
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    Coilover advice

    Hi i have a a3 2010 sline sportsback, I'm goin to be purchasing a set of coils can anyone recommend a good brand, I'm not wanting to pay a fortune. Been looking at fk but what ones?? help
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    spacer advice

    hi all i have a3 2010 sline blk edition sportback, just lowered it on sportlines wheels in need of some spacers just not sure what size, im wanting the wheels to sit sort of flush to the arches?? has anyone got the same set up? was thinking 20mm rear and 15mm front????
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    HELP advice needed

    Hi all I have a 2011 a3 sportsback sline black edition with the 18" genuine alloys, I'm thinking on lowering the car on eibachs or H&R im thinking on maybe a 15mm spacer at front and a 20mm at the rear, whats your thoughts. Cheers