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  1. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Audi Q2 Rear USB C

    Hey guys and gals, I was wondering if anyone could find me some part numbers to fit the rear USB C ports on my Q2. I’ve attached a photo, I believe I’d need the wiring, lower trim and actual USB ports. Thanks
  2. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Audi Q2 Powered Tailgate Retrofit/Folding Mirrors

    Hi Guys & Gals, Since moving to my S-Line Q2 there were a few things I was missing from my previous Mercedes GLA, the most notable was the powered tailgate and folding mirrors. Over the last few months I was doing some research on how I can retrofit these things to my Q2. I previously owned...
  3. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Quick & Easy Little Retrofit

    Hey Guys And Gals, Thought I’d share my quick, easy and cheap Alixpress retrofit. Annoyingly my Q2 only has one boot light on the right hand side, with a blank on the left. About a month later this happened...not bad for like £5 but I can definitely see a difference in colour temperature, I’ll...
  4. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Q2 Rear USB Ports

    Hi guys and gals, I hope you’re all well! So I was having a look at the Q2 online configurator and noticed that the rear seats have USB C connections and a cigarette lighter. I’ve seen some images online of the non facelift model with normal USB A ports and a cigarette port. I don’t have...
  5. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Audi Q2 Extended Leather

    Hi Everyone! I did a bit of DIY today on the Q2 and replaced the standard door arm rests with the leather ones with the stitching. It goes really well with my Nappa leather and well worth the £50 I paid for all 4!!
  6. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Facelift Q2 Configurator

    Hi Guys & Gals, Just having a look on the Audi website and It looks like the Q2 facelift configurator is now open in the UK. I've been having a play around with it and overall a very disappointing facelift in my opinion...
  7. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Q2 Folding Mirrors

    Hey Guys & Gals, I hope you’re all well! I’m looking for the part numbers for the Q2 RHD Folding mirrors...not having them anymore is really getting tedious especially in London. Looking to retrofit them the same way I done with my A3 8V but from memory trying to source the correct ones were a...
  8. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Q2 "Carbon" Ambient Lighting

    Hi Guys and Gals, I was wondering if anyone on this forum has the ambient lighting in their Q2 RHD. I'm looking to retrofit this along with a load of other stuff. Personally I find the cabin a little dark...I even enabled the footwell lights to stay on and its still dark. Thanks, Cal
  9. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Q2 - Heads Up Display Retrofit

    Hi Guys & Gals, I've owned my S-Line Q2 for a while now and from having a look into Vorsprung models due to another thread, I noticed they also have Heads up display. Just out of pure curiosity, would this be something that could be retrofitted, has anyone done this? It would of course require...
  10. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Audi Q2 Glovebox Light Retrofit

    Hi Guys, With Audi's cost cutting measures there isn't a glovebox light in my Q2 :( Its very annoying at night as despite having the LED interior pack...also rubbish and doesn't include door handle LEDs or rear seat LEDs...things I had in my A3 8V.... If someone has done this retrofit I'd love...
  11. Callum Jarvis

    Audi Drive Select Issue

    Hi Guys and Gals! Just noticed that my Effienxh mode on my Q2 is missing...I had it there on my A3 A1 and on my parents Q7 you know if this can be coded?? Is anyone else having this issue? If it’s even an issue :( I’m aware this is the A3 forum but you guys are a lot more...
  12. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Auto-Dim Rear View Mirror

    Hi all! So alongside getting my reverse camera done with @DJAlix I’m looking to do the auto dim rear view mirror...with all the £££ options my car has I’m surprised that it didn’t come with it :( this is something I’m going to try and for myself...if anyone could help me out with the part...
  13. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 Q2 VCDS/OBDeleven

    Hi fellow Q owners, So I’m loving my new Q2 although I’m struggling to code anything with obdeleven. Things like mirror dip and lock chirp sound don’t seem to work. I didn’t have this issue with my A3 8V...not sure if it’s because it’s a newer platform but their aren’t many forums highlighting...
  14. Callum Jarvis

    Q2 New Q2 Owner

    Hey Guys & Gals I’m back with an Audi Q2 S-Line after nearly two years with a Mercedes GLA....let’s just say I was missing the Audi. it’s a Q2 S-Line in Nano Grey with Tech-Pack, Comfort- Pack and Driver Assistance pack along with a few other nice things like Nappa leather seats and LED...
  15. Callum Jarvis

    2019 A1 No CD/DVD Player

    Hey guys and gals, Haven't been on the A1 forum really since I got my A3 over a year ago but feels good to be back. I was at Audi this week taking in our family Q7 for something and had a chance to look at the new A1. It looks leaps and bounds better than the old one (wish they kept the same...
  16. Callum Jarvis

    Q7 Dashboard Light issue Q7 4M

    Hi we recently purchased a Q7 4M and noticed that the Dashboard contour light on the right hand side is extremely dim. No matter how much we adjust the interior lighting within the MMI is very dim; I've attached photos. On the point also of interior lighting, the footwell lights also seem to...
  17. Callum Jarvis

    Q7 65 Q7 Audi Smartphone Interface Retrofit

    Hey Guys and Girls, We recently bought a used approved Q7 with the tech pack. We we’re surprised to find out that it didn’t have Audi smartphone interface for Carplay and Android Auto. My question is has anyone bought the retrofit that Audi offer 4M0051472. The build date of our car is July...
  18. Callum Jarvis

    Audi TT steering wheel

    In preparation of retrofitting my VC with @DJAlix I retrofitted my TT 8S steering wheel. Overall it wasn’t a hard retrofit and just required some re-pinning and running an additional wire for the horn. I’m still getting used to the thinner feel compared to the PFL flat bottom wheel as well as...
  19. Callum Jarvis

    Dashboard Lighting ???

    Hey Guys and Gals I was looking into doing some internal lighting upgrades and having a look on the repair manual for the A3. Noticed it mentioned dashboard lighting, from what I gather its referring to the Aluminium inlays on the dash. Although I've never seen a lighting option for this. Has...
  20. Callum Jarvis

    Audi A3 Front Sensor Retrofit

    Hey Guys and Girls, @DJAlix and I recently retrofitted front parking sensors to my 2015 S-Line A3. My car originally came with rear sensors and I previously retrofitted the reversing camera so the front sensors were the next logical thing to do. I have MIB2 in my car (The MMI with the Carplay)...