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  1. Andru8

    Android head unit

    I'm going to p/x my M140 next week for a 2016 A3 184 Quattro for the economy side of things. I'm not overly happy with the quality of the pop up screen so would like to swap it for a Android one. I've used Avin screens in the past in my other cars but struggling to find one that looks OEM like...
  2. Andru8

    Main dealer or not for approx £22k

    I am thinking of coming back for a S3 with a maximum budget of £22k. I really want the best spec I can get for the money but definitely want the higher spec screen, Nav and sound system. On cars at this price I've always gone to main dealers for peace of mind but I'm not sure this time. Have...
  3. Andru8


    I have foud these and they say they fit the A3 8v I have a 2014 A3 Quattro 184 and would like to know if they would fit mine. I'm pretty sure they would but would rather get your input before I order them. They will look a million times better than the short plastic ones I have from standard...
  4. Andru8

    S3 'fart' on a Diesel Quattro 184

    I used to own and run a 2011 S3 DSG. On changing gear as you all know it would 'fart' on the upchange which I thought sounded pretty cool. As I've changed cars and gone to a 2014 Quattro 184 DSG Diesel, is there anyway that I can get back my 'fart' on the upchange. I know it means nothing in...
  5. Andru8

    DTUK Box plus Pedal Box

    I've read a few threads on the fitting and results of these so I've decided to fit them to my upcoming 2014 quattro dsg 184 when I pick it up on Tuesday. I can't find any threads where there are reviews of them being fitted to my car though. I'll be driving the car over 300 miles home as...
  6. Andru8

    Back on the Audi scene after a fair while

    After a absolutely terrible 2 years,personally, I'm back in the Audi scene. Or should I say I will be next week when I collect this. It will involve a overnight stay due to the travel from South Wales but I think it will be...
  7. Andru8

    113000 for a timing belt change

    I'm looking at a 2012 A3 2.0 diesel with 98k on the clock. I emailed the dealer asking if it has the timing belt changed. He replied with a picture from a manual stating the belt need changing only at 113000 miles. Would any of you agree with this or would you be concerned?
  8. Andru8

    Is this a good price?

    I am looking for a 170 bhp A3. I've found this one but I'm wondering if it is a good deal. I also need to know if it it older PD engine or the newer CR engine. I have read to go for the newer...
  9. Andru8

    Worrying times,,,,

    I ordered a Sportback S3 in Sepang Blue back in December. It's on a pcp @ £280 a month, I put in my BMW 125d as part ex in which I was given £18500. My problem is I work for Tata Steel in Port Talbot as a mushroom, kept in the dark and filled full of **** ! Apparently there is an announcement in...
  10. Andru8

    American tuning company

    Being bored a little in work tonight I found myself trawling through the 'net as you do. I came across this American tuning company. Has anyone heard of them or even used them and if so what are your thoughts. This is the company's website...
  11. Andru8

    Engine remap and insurance increase

    I am searching out insurance for when my car arrives. I am 51 with a clean licence and 13 years NCB. I have malicious damage claim for £600 from August 2014. The best price so far from 6 comparison sites £409 from Google compare. All the quotes I have had all come from M&S bank through the...
  12. Andru8

    Running in period S3 S-tronic

    When I pick up my new S3 in March, what is the running in period for it. As it's an auto box it will obviously change gears etc depending on my driving. Have we moved forward from the 500 then 1000 miles below certain rev ranges?
  13. Andru8

    How do you treat/protect your new cars paint?

    I don't like cleaning cars to be truthful so I have been researching paint protection for my new car when it arrives. I went through the options here and chose the car and as new The cost came out at about £700 and almost 2 days to apply and harden to protect the...
  14. Andru8

    Speed limiter removal on new S3

    When I receive my new S3 around March/April etc next year I would like the top speed limiter deactivated. I am sure that I read somewhere that if it is done within a certain period it is possible. Am I correct in thinking that it can be removed before either 100 miles OR 10 hrs of driving, after...
  15. Andru8

    Cannot remember my insurance company !!

    After the year I have had I have totally forgotten who I am insured with! I need to find out to cancel my BM insurance and insure my cheap run a round car. Any ideas as I'm pretty stuck at he moment. Cheers
  16. Andru8

    All ordered, now the long wait begins,,

    As you may know from my thread here, I was contemplating eith a Golf R or S3. After all the comments and recommendations I have just put the phone down to the dealers and placed a £500 deposit. I am told the car will...
  17. Andru8

    Contemplating S3 or Golf R

    I sold my 2011 s3 a few months ago and got myself a BMW 125D, mainly for the mpg and performance values. I had it remapped to 276bhp 2 weeks ago by Rick at Unicorn. His service is fantastic by the way, I couldn't be happier with it. The thing is I'm a little bored of the BM now and thinking of a...
  18. Andru8

    Can't figure out a Tune2air adapter

    I had a tune2air adapter from eBay, the price on Amazon shot up dramatically for some reason. I have connected it to the 30pin adapter in the glove box and paired it with my car. I can't figure out how to stream through the RSNE unit. I've tried all the radio,media etc buttons but just cannot...
  19. Andru8

    Please consider donations for Sarcoma UK

    I lost my wife just over a week ago to one of the rarest forms of adult cancer. In the world. Julie fought for two years through terrible treatment but ultimately was too weak to endure more treatments. In children there are only approx 50 people A YEAR in the UK diagnosed with this. She...
  20. Andru8

    changed battery and lost functions

    My battery failed and I had to renew it. I left the car without a battery connected overnight. I have noticed two problems since putting the new battery on. The drivers side window does not go all the way down with a single press, I have to keep my finger on the button. The same goes for putting...